Wednesday , October 27 2021

Jon Jones goes through the VADA examinations recommended by the CSAC


The heavyweight champion of Jon Jones Jones will be subject to testing drugs under the United States Anti-Doping Agency, in the fight against Alexander Gustafsson.

But Jones has passed the additional examinations proposed by the California State Athletic Commission, which recently granted a temporary license.

CSAC Executive Director Andy Foster informed MMAmakers about Jones's decision on Wednesday. This week earlier, Jones's lawyer, Howard Jacobs, said the final decision was not made. Jacobs did not respond to comment follow-up requests.

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Jones was not in possession of his licensing to participate in supplementary study by the "Voluntary Doping Voluntary Association". Some members were told by the fighter for 31 years.

"One undoubtedly sleeps and questions definitely," said Commissioner Martha Shen-Urquide at an hour heard at Sacramento last week. "And so you can believe, you're a talented talent, and you're the greatest, and you just win a clear fight, because Jon Jones is definitely eliminating those doubts."

As a sweetener, the commission basically agreed to pay extra effort, removing the cost of VADA costs to $ 205,000. The UFC 214 positive steroid test also served as its license. Initially, Jones appeared to test the test. Jacobs later confirmed that his client was "VADA unacceptable", but he got the need.

"We need to know what we agree, as far as testing VADA is proving, what are the restrictions," Jacobs said.

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On Monday, Jacobs told MMAjunkie that he had "had some problems" in the CSCA project for VADA testing, Jones for performance renderer and non-exaggerated drug testing. Jacobs did nothing else.

VADA, former head of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, is headed by Dr. Margaret Goodman, conducting "drug-style" drug testing to make UFC anti-doping partners USADA. Unlike USADA, however, VADA does not manage its results and sends the test results directly to the commissions of the athletes directly.

When he heard Jones, Foster had a tough criticism about USADA, saying the CSAC refused to USADA. In the future, Foster has said that USADA would be responsible for collecting drug research results and being responsible for sending the commission.

When he received a CSAC license, Jones refused to fight against Alexander Gustafsson and was victorious in 2013 to achieve a heavy fight against UFC history. Jones now has the NSAC to obtain a Bachelor's degree, which is expected on December 29 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Jones will be subject to NSAC drug tests, as well as the UCD anti-doping partner USADA, twice double anti-doping violations, before UFC 200 and UFC 214.

The UFC President Dana White said he has colluded with Jones and Gustafsson, the heavyweight titleweight Daniel Cormier currently faces against opposing opponents against doping.

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