Wednesday , October 27 2021

Jon Jones Trashes Daniel Cormier offers more claims before the retirement


Jon Jones for the third time did not have to face Daniel Cormier, but after his final comments, the former heavyweight champion changed his mind.

Cormier recently responded to statements by Jones about his positive drug in 2017.

Jones were positive for steroids, but after a 15-month deadline, an independent arbitrator decided that he did not believe a 31-year-old New York native ate a forbidden substance.

Jones explained that the amount of steroids in the system was "a bit of salt" that fell into an Olympic swimming pool and was not improved anymore, when Cormier pulled out UFC 214 in the third round.

Cormier approved Jones's loss, but still asked how steroids came into their system first because they had never been explained.

"I never said never had a fight that was not won," said Cormier, "Jim Rome & # 39; when he speaks podcast. "I never said that. Even though people will tell me," you did not get a giant shake, it was not cool, it cheated, "said the boy won the fight. Why did I always say, I'm sure I've never struggled with steroids Only, I have always said that. I'm very happy, but if you say a bit of salt, why was it a little salt?

"Why was there why it came to me without explanation? That's my question, why did not I swim a bit of salt? This is my problem. You won the fight, go ahead and win the fight, but the answer is not the answer. Some salt, a little salt, you still have steroids on your system in a facial fight. Not cool. "

The notes, of course, were brought back to Jones, on Twitter on Wednesday night in front of the heavyweight heavyweight champion.

Jones leaves his return on 29 December of the UFC 232 to fight against Alexander Gustafsson to bring a new Cormier heavyweight champion to crown.

"Daddy's baby is still whining," Jones wrote. "Certainly, does the double champion turn his belt around for another sport?

In a second message directed at Cormier, Jones fired two championship strengths because the heavyweight title came back because of his fight in a fight contest because of the positive competition drug test.

Cormier defended his fight against Volkan Oezdemir in heavyweight in January against his last two battles against Stipe Miocic and Derrick Lewis.

In addition to Cormier's "double champion", Jones also offered an additional 39-year retirement allowance to retire before his 40th anniversary on March 40.

"Fight me one more time and you're really champ-champ," said Jones. "If you accept, I'll give you 100,000 dollars to the San Diego charity.

"Conor McGregor was a true double champion, the whole world is a joke for your claim, and I'm accepting the defense of my first title."

Cormier says that he wants another shot from Jones, but due to his retirement, he would not get that chance.

The latest owner of Jorma, in the wake of hard words, seems to have recalled that Cormier's desire will continue until March.

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