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Julie Chen has a future with CBS's Big Brother & # 39; Beyond?

In the summer of 2018, Les Moonves, President and CEO of CBS, allegedly incurred bad sexual behavior. His wife, Julie Chen, was a host of two network shows. Talk and Big brother. But Moonves in the CBS dropout, eyes were on Chen and his two shows. But what future does the host look like?

Julie Chen Julie Chen | Ron Sachs – Pool / Getty Images

Chen and Moonves got married since 2004

Chen and Moonves are not married to strangers: the couple have been together for 15 years. In fact, couples announced their marriage a few weeks ago, when Moonves distributed his first wife, Nancy Moonves, to three children. Moonves and Chen had children together, and the wedding was not always easy. But Chen gives good communication to keep a strong relationship between them. In a two interview he said that they never fought in a conversation, they kept good communication and, arguing, they did not want each other.

Complaints about sexual assault by Moonves Chen's The Talk & # 39;

Things went down in 2018 when Moonves found himself accused of allegations of sexual assault. Six women refused sexual assault and allegations made in the 1980s. Marriage would be a great marriage test. And when Moonves's CBS exit was announced, Chen had to remember some career movements. It took a while Talk To be with her family, and soon she announced she would leave the show, but did not make a statement about her husband. Chen on Twitter said he was always a good man, and he fully supports it and is behind. He reiterated in one section of the lecture.

Now, Chen has announced the return of "Big Brother" but will continue to support her husband

When Chen announced he will leave Talk, some took their departure Big brother It was not far behind. After all, it was not easy for you to work online, your husband had to go down in those circumstances. However, on November 27, Chen had announced that he would announce Instagram to organize an edition of the famous shows. But she does not look like her wedding is anywhere in the Moonves anytime soon.

Despite the return, it is still hard to believe that Chen's future lies in the network

After this time, Chen has not yet determined. The fans would see it again after the show, as the comment in the photo says in the photo. Most can say that the show would not be the same. However, Chen chose to leave last minute, "I am Julie Chen Moonves. Goodnight," she was the first time she married her name, and she said she was standing next to her husband. While it's been signed for another time, the husband seems to have priority over his career. Whether it's going to go down to the host, because it only had water testing to see how CBS operates from her husband's departure.

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