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Kanye Westek "Song from Leaked" & # 39; Skins & # 39; He defends the XXXTentation of the album


After a few days Kanye West was it Guest has been confirmed as a feature About XXXTentationHas published the album skinsIt has a "One Minute" collaboration video leaked. The album is officially released this Friday (December 7), also featuring Yeezy limited edition merch collection in the 2017 XXL freshmanhonor

"One Minute" Ye is making a great version, which handles the crown and interlude with the end of the rapper. In the Western verse, there are many issues including fame, love, hatred, success, stereotypes and life after death. In particular, he also directs allegations of domestic violence against X before his assassination, interpreting the lyrics by the fans in defense of Xa.

"It's a great hate at the top, it's a lonely place / discovery to find out where it's not the only snake," Yep Spits, an open track worship over distorted instrument. "And only your spouse knows what you do not get rid of / The worst mistake of the world knows you only / So they make spacing in the ass, that's the only way / Smash down the gauze, Stoney, aye / Crash and swollen face back / And when I'm on the way, X hold the door ".

Moving closer to the end of the trail, you follow what X continues penal charges raper faced him before his death.

"Now your name gets frustrated, claims are painted" / The decision is guilty, no one claims it, "West continues." You have to say terms in Layman, despite waiting for errors / The Jury has said that the payment is nonsense / Give me a minute, my wife fainted / Baby is crying, do I understand? "

Sing the X song with the singer's voices. The aforementioned track, before making Ye's contribution, was shared on Instagram in June four days before shooting.

As is revealed phone recordings got it PitchforkWhile X was detained, he denounced various violence and domestic abuse.

"I began to regret that he made a mistake," he reminded one of them, reflecting a past affair. "From that moment on, the whole cycle fell, now it is scared. This girl is afraid of life. I understand."

XXL It's been a chance to get XXX downloads on the escape comment.

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