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Karen Gillan's mother tries to "Avengers 4 & # 39; Spoilers reveal


If you are looking for a member of the Marvel Cinematics Universe, you must be wise … for your whole family.

After the event Avengers: Infinity War, the whole world dies to find out next to the next heroes Avengers 4. Karen Gillan's mother is no exception.

Gillan, who is the most popular among MCU lovers in Nebula Missed Guardians movies as well Infinity Warhe continued Jimmy Kimmel Live This week and mother's tactics were discussed.

"Do you share your secret with someone in your life?" Kimmel asked.

The actor responded quickly, "No, no." If you're looking for Avengers 4 Spoilers, Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland have a stunning look, because Gillan does not make it easy to keep secrets.

Apparently, her mother got so sly, Gillan is now dodging questions about a forthcoming teacher's movie. "I have not prepared any spoilers because my mother always tries to leave me," she says.

"She was shocked by her. She'll do it," How do you work, do you taste it well, Do you die Thanos? "" Classic, move mom! "

The Thanos question is very useful considering that the Nebula is one of the minimal characters Infinity War. Only members of the Guardian left (apart from being Rocket), the Nebula has a deeper ax to grind.

He not only adopted a daughter Thanos, a very tedious and abusive relationship, but killed his sister. Gamora and Nebula were the tumultuous relationship (Thanos' failure was completely), but the two characters linked them to events. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Gamora also left Thanos's Soul Stone location to save the Nebula, so there are many layers of this family drama.

We finally saw Nebula titan with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) following Thanos. It has hardly doubled the large losses, which is why we can see some of them on the screen.

Besides Avengers 4You can catch the actors upcoming Jumanji: Welcome to Jungle sequel and Spies in Disguise, the new studio animation you brought Ice age and Rio.

Avengers 4 On May 3, 2019 the sacred theaters will be held.

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