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Kevin Durant's NBA stars do not want to play with LeBron James for media attention and style


When LeBron James signed with Los Angeles Lakers this summer, it was not surprising that another star came in.

The choices were limited, but when Paul George returned to Oklahoma City, Kawhi Leonard became a Toronto Raptors merchant and Jimmy Butler was sent to Philadelphia 76ers. Both George and Leonard both joined the Lakers, but ultimately went to another place, and Butler did not call Lakers as one of their favorite destinations.

Clever's demand for Kyrie Irving's trade in 2017 included a question about the NBA: what did James not like to play with James? Even Leonard, this summer, could be a free agent, Los Angeles Clippers, who would be the top star on Lakers.

Bleacher's report Ric Bucher covers the exact subject and agreed that it was less than playing with James.

Kevin Durant gave some advanced answers, especially by James commands that could create "toxic" environments.

"The mortgage is so much about other people as LeBron," Durant said. "It has a lot of fanboys in the media, but beat it to more than just writers. I like here, here we're playing a basketball and it's not about basketball at certain points, so why would not anyone want to stay in that environment because it's toxic. especially when listening carefully, pay attention, fluff. It's not LeBron's failure, so many teams make up the media that hangs in each word. Get out and leave to play basketball. "

Kevin Durant has become a free agent this summer and has not signed with the Lakers.
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Several reports indicate that Irving was afraid of the attention of the media. James asked whether he asked about politics or when asked about Irving's improvement in James, LeBron was the basis.

During a while, he said that superseded classmates did not sacrifice their style to James.

This is a long history. James along with Miami Heat along with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, Wade and Bosh sent two columns to James, and Bosh made a remarkable third chance and played a more spot-up shooter.

When he returned to James Cavaliers, Kevin Lov had to make the most sacrifice to get James James's shot in the hands.

"Kevin Love, had to change his game completely, had to be a shooter," Durant said. "Which, I think, is worth more credit to change his game. Bosh is also a player who plays LeBron with the players who play, the game and the shooter. What is happening is that it will always be difficult for the ball to demand so much the crime It requires control and it is created by everyone. "

Durant James said the role player has received the most attention to the defense and makes it easier to get shots. But when it comes to starlings that dominate a game, making a minority is less attractive.

"If you're still Kyle Korver, then it's sensible [to play with James], Said Durant. Atlantean Kyle Korver, as the biggest part of the crime, had no chance 1, nor even closed. In this way, it allows men to give their talents greater benefits and allows them to open and open.

"If you are a younger player like Kawhi, not trying to match up with LeBron James, it does not make sense. Kawhi enjoys having a ball in the hands, controlling the offense, dictating time with its post-production, how it's played … Many young players are developing this skill. They do not need another guy. "

Kevin Love had to make sacrifices to play with LeBron James.
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The problem is difficult to clarify the success of James. He won three championships and made eight final straight. Some NBA schemes are more successful than James's ball and throwing ground. Then he attacked himself or his teammates to pay enough attention to open shots.

A league source told us that INSIDER's James methods are so effective because most coaches are hard to persuade otherwise.

"LeBron will break the system all the time," said the source of the league. "And it's not so good that coaches do not say that there's no grief in the bowels," No, mine [system] it's better. & # 39; Indeed, "Really?" Is that better than that? & # 39; "

Love said that he sacrificed his sacrifice because he deserves James and Cavs to compete in a championship every year. But these sacrifices made a commitment to love, as ESPN Brian Windhorst once again revealed.

"Love is addressing the harassment of LeBron's teammate, who could blame him for dropping his social media outcrops, as he called it … Kevin Love has so many days and nights left behind a knee or busted building. .. LeBron ".

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Often, with James directed groups, the narrative goes: if they win, it is LeBron. If they lose, the team members have not grown up. Phoenix Suns forward Trevor Ariza told Bucher the media to change that narrative and keep James account out of their teams.

Of course, many other players have had great praise for James.

Richard Jefferson said former Cavs was walking around James, saying he was a leading member of the team and a leader on the ground. Even though Irving praised James after finishing his 2017 finals, he said James was a great player to play in the game.

This summer, James and Lakers will be one of the best, as James will be able to add a second star next to him. Perhaps it might be interesting to see other elite games watching James next.

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