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Kevin Hart has won an Oscar for tweet anti-gay


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Publication date Friday, 7 December, 2018 12:20 AM EST

Last modified on: Friday, December 7, 2007, 12:48 AM EST

NEW YORK – Two days after he was nominated for an Oscar nomination, Kevin Hart dropped homophobic tweets on comedy.

Suspending continuous suspension, Hart wrote on Twitter He was retired as Friday afternoon on Friday afternoon on Friday, not wanting to be unwilling. "I have forgiven the LGBTQ community for the unknown words of my past," Hart wrote.

Hart has opted for a bet after Friday's Oscar nomination. In Instagram's video, Hart played Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences an ultimatum: he was asked to apologize or "go to another host and go".

"I want to ask forgiveness," Hart said. "Why did I spend several times now?"

The Academy of Films did not answer a message on Thursday afternoon.

Hart eliminated some anti-gay tricks since 2009-2011. But they've already caught on the screen and shared it online. In 2011, after deleting the tweet, he wrote: "My son comes home and tried to play 2 my daughter with the doll house. I will pause 2 on my head and say my voice" stop gay. "

On a Thursday afternoon, Hart wrote on Instagram that he ought to have been "negative" about "his anti-discovery findings".

"I'm almost 40 years old. Do not you think people change, grow, evolve? I do not know what I will tell you," said Hart, who added, in every cap, "I love it."

They also highlighted attitudes about homosexuality in a popular part of their stand-up act. In the special "Seriously Funny" of 2010, he said "one of my greatest fears is that my son is growing up and becoming gay."

"Remember, I am not a homophobic, I do not oppose anything gay, whatever you want to do, but I am not a heterosexual man, as well as my son being gay, I will do it," said Hart.

GLAAD, the LGBTQ rights advocacy team, has said that ABC, Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, and Hart's Academy Award Academy Oscars have reached "to discuss the rhetoric and record against Kevin's LGBTQ."

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis wrote: "Homophobia is not positive". Comedy and actress Billy Eichner said "simple and real pardons would be very easy to understand or remorse."

It's not the first time to find a scam on the Oscar host. In the Oscars of 2012, producer Brett Ratner, who was matched with Eddie Murphy, resigned in a daytime movie. Even after Murphy is coming out soon.

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