Khloe Kardashian has been incredibly awesome and terrible at the same time. He had a baby with Tristan Thompson but learned that Tristan had broken his experience. To make things worse, a week has passed before giving birth. Both work on their problems and want to build a family with a Khloe rumor as soon as they want a second baby. He had to deal with some important reactions, decided to stick with his boyfriend of basketball, and now he's dragging his latest social tweets.

True to his daughter, True's baby, she asked her supporters, who knew how to find a "twin-looking" spin-doll. Of course, his fans embraced him in the comment, saying he meant "light-skinned". Many people said he was afraid of Khloe, who was looking for "hairy hair bright hair," and others offered valuable suggestions. Many people told me he had got a black doll, that he had a sense for his little daughter.

Khloe has reacted to her daughter and race. Maybe he should think ahead of tweeting next.