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Khloe Kardashian Thinks of Kendall Jenner Booing in Tristan Thompson



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Khloe Kardashian is listening!

On Friday night, his six Kendall Jenner was clinically seen, the boyfriend of Tristan Thompson, Khloe, in the Cleveland Cavaliers game against Philadelphia 76ers, which, of course, caused a mess of speculation over Tristan and his younger siblings.

But True Thompson's mother, when she participated in Saturday against Houston Rockets, is still laughing at the acrimony rumor.

"Look my baby heckler," wrote Kendall's booing cover. "I'm dying to kill Kenny Low! I'm dying! #ItDidntWork."

This means that the peer is asking directly why Khloe was documented well with Tristan's "Kardashians with the Keep" of the state of being in a state of courageous state, with Tristan refusing to give up his daughter with Tristan's fraudulent fraud.

"I'm confused about @ Khloekardashian's tweets," he wrote the fan. "It's a minute calling TT, then he's defending his life, and then heckling his sisters heckling. I'd rather like hanging coconut, so I'm sorry!"

Khloe replied that the show has been revealing incidents for a few months, and Kendall has been leading Ben Simmons for 76 years.

"What he did f ** ked up and disgusting," he replied, referring to Tristan. "What is happening is more than seven months. We have spent many hours of help. My sister HEGALA was looking at playing my man … Therefore, of course, the opposing team will heckle."

Khloe is obviously standing by Tristan! And this is not the case for the first time in the last days, that he shows his father's daughter's loyalty. When he celebrated Cleveland's Thanksgiving, fans were persuaded to fall into the family. He then took it to Twitter and also to clean the air.

"Now it's time to come," he wrote. "I spent the last 3 years in Cleveland Thanksgiving. I do not know why people are trying to create a drama between my family and I. My sisters and I thank you, they could travel with their families but could not stay for the TT season."

According to the insiders, Khloe moved to a holiday-holiday, and was a big fan of the new family.

"Khloe shared with Tristan Tristan an incredible dinner with Cleveland. This Thanksgiving is unique with the couple, as it is the first True," a source said ET. "The series of friends have coincided with them and they celebrate what they appreciate most this year: the truth."

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