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Kid Rock's lawyer, Mayor Briley has talked about the Christmas Parade debate. | News


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – This Christmas Parade in Nashville could be one of the most controversial city parades in these years.

Kid Rock was the CEO of the hometown hero.

James Shaw Jr. selected for the last minute.

Now, the change has caused the possibility of a lawsuit against the city.

The Mayor and Brilliant Kid Rock were two in the morning in the parade. Both sides say they want to overcome controversy, but about the lawsuit?

"Justice is open five days a week," said Briley News4. "You know all that about it. I'm sure a judge will solve it pretty much."

Right now, it marks a whole bunch of questions … but both parties want to make it clear that the parade wants to focus on the real reason: protecting the necessary children.

The owner Kid Rock and Tootsies were on the third floor of a bar.

"They want to send a message they love to Nashville," said Bryan Lewis, Steven Smith and Kid Rock attorneys. They protect the children's hospital and hope to kill this current controversy. The children must have Vanderbilt's children's hospital and Christmas. "

The people of Nashville have not yet gotten a serious situation, with the great Kid Rocker's statement. Some women also came up with signs read, "Kid Rock Mayor."

We asked about what Shaw was throwing in the middle of controversy.

"[Rock] He is an grown man, "said Shaw." He needs to know what he should say about television and he has not said on television. "

Kid Rock's attorney has reached a copy of the aforementioned issue with the local media, and we have not made a retreat.

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