Wednesday , October 20 2021

Kiwi robots were captured by UC Berkeley and the students were destroyed


Later, at the University of California, Berkeley, he was taken to the robbery of the brain firefighters, and those who were so destroyed by the students took care of candles.

The incident was held on Friday, after a robot delivery of Kiwi had been blamed on the fire when the company had failed.

Images and videos were published showing a diminutive robot set on fire on the internet to fire a fire extinguisher before starting the place.

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A Californian Daily Reporter caught his torch. Berkeley came to the Fire Department a bit and the foam of the heart came to confirm that there was no danger of re-ignition.

Kiwibot's fire is a video:

A student posted this image after the fire has been treated:

Kiwi said he was "very serious." The company located in the original incubator at SkyDeck in Berkeley, said its robot has forced all of its services to investigate.

"The customers who made the application supplied their food by hand, minimizing the effect on the service, which the customers or the public did not endanger", added the company.

Kiwi has more than 100 robots, and Felipe Chavez Cortes, co-operative and CEO, TechCrunch has completed more than 10,000 orders this year.

He said in California daily that the robot did not give a meal when he caught the fire, no one had lost any food. The students, however, reacted with sadness with the disappearance of the robot.

Commenting on The UC Berkeley's Facebook comments on Overheard, The Daily Californian said robots described them as "heroes" and "legends". Berkley alum James Wenzel tweeted some candle watermarks too.

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