Wednesday , April 8 2020
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Korea bans to use shopping bags in supermarkets

South Korea prohibits the use of wholesale supermarkets and commercial plastic bags that are internationally prohibited, avoiding the reduction of waste from natural resources for conservation and recycling.

The wastewater will start up, promoting a new resource conservation law and the reuse of recyclable waste.


There are 2,000 wineries and 11,000 supermarkets with the largest discount chains, prohibited for sale space sales of 165m2 or more.

Shops that violate the ban were expected to make fines up to 3 million (about $ 2,683). Instead, these stores require customers to recycle containers, fabric shopping bags or paper bags.

Waste containers for plastic, such as meat and fish, will still be used.

According to the revised law, 18,000 bakeries will be distributed internationally to free plastic bags.

In collaboration with local governments, the Ministry of Environment wants to encourage affected parties to observe the ban on January and March.

In addition, the ministry promotes a reduction plan for the use of plastic clothing in retail stores. (Yonhap)

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