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Korean Air & # 39; Nut Rage & # 39; The flight operator spent $ 18,000


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Korean Air "nut rage" triggered a nationwide debate about Korean business

Korean airlifters have to pay 18,000 euros (€ 16,000 and £ 14,000) in an air raid that was subjected to a "dreadful tide" incident.

Park Chang-jin had to ask his pardon on his knees, because he served nuts in his daughter's purse in the purse, than in a bowl of 2014.

Then he came out of the plane before he left.

Mr. Park, in addition to the incident, demonized him, Korean Air demanded "physical and psychological suffering".

He also said that his abatement in the position of the regular crew cabin was an unfair punishment that was talked about the incident of the media.

On Wednesday, he stayed six months on the day of flight, a court in Seoul damaged him.

However, Mr Park was less than the amount demanded, and the judge also confirmed the Korean Air decision.

  • He researched the company as a member of the "amorita nana" family
  • Korean Air sisters have dropped

Cho Hyun-ah, the first daughter of the president's Cho Yang-ho's airport, made headlines around the world.

Ms Cho, in English Heather, raged about the macadamia nuts when they arrived at a package and did not place on board the flight of Seoul in New York.

In that case, he attracted a lot of South Korean attention when reopening the national debate about the Korean business system, that is, family-owned companies called chaebols.

The incident occurred trial, and Cho Hyun-ah was convicted of violating the aircraft's security, strength and abusive power in 2015.

He was sentenced to five months' imprisonment.

In another episode in April of this year, Cho Choain's youngest daughter, Cho Hyun-min, must be forced to face a colleague who would have patted a water at a company meeting.

He said he was "nonsense and shy."

Both left side positions in the company.

Their brother, Cho Won-tae, is Korean President and the main agent.

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