Saturday , January 29 2022

Kushida Announces Decision NJPW Aspects


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The NJPW fighter will announce that Kushida will leave it at the end of the month.

Kushida NJPW took part in a press conference released on Sunday and, on January 31, ratified her contract on January 30 and will not make any agreement.

According to NGPW writer Chris Charlton, Kushida told the press conference:

It was a tough situation with Meij, Sugabayashi and Kidian. The decision of my life was very great and I understood what I appreciate. I will go abroad and see the world of professional fighting.

The NJPW, a 36-year-old fighter, executed the Super Juniors Tournament in 2010. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship won six times. In addition, IWGP Jr. Tag Team titles with Alex Shelley with Time Splitters.

When she announced her decision in the press conference, Kushida began to emit and throw some tears. "I do not know why I'm crying," he explained. "This is my decision and I did not make it sad. They are happy tears."

Press conference is visible NJPW World.

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