Monday , October 25 2021

Kyle Kuzma thinks that Rhythm He Found Found, along with LeBron James, believes it


Kirby Lee-USA DROP Sports

When LeBron James signed with Los Angeles Lakers, he was very concerned with Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart's youth.

The only reason that James mentioned in the group when he got together with the Lakers was that it was very important for the four players to be successful. Most players would admit that the James team was Ingram.

In reality, the third year has passed when the court is a 16-year veteran. In the meantime, Kuzma's talents have been adjusted as offensive to James and their goodwill and willingness to distribute.

And although Kuzma has been slow this season, he certainly could not stop and be successful. Kuzma has also noticed this, and thinks about how to play James Spectrum SportsNet after a series of good games.

"I think I just learned how to play with her, trying to eat with her is to play, whether she is preparing surgery or, sometimes, doing it on your own. It has been a good thing in most cases."

However, Kuzma has found its rhythm, it has been widely accepted. In the last 10 games, Lakers won 7-3, Kuzma scored 20.9 points, 7.4 rhythms and 3.6 supporters.

If Kuzma continues to be consistent with numbers, he will be able to find it soon in an All-Star group. During Kuzma's early season, he has always had excellent performances, but never found any consistency.

Maybe he'll play with James to go to his place more often, getting a high level. When the Lakers reach Kuzma with a second goal, the team can be dangerous.

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