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Lady Gaga directs a live recording of Bradley Cooper romance rumors

After Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper The Internet on Wednesday featured Wednesday's frenzy on the Internet with Mother Monster Wednesday's show Jimmy Kimmel Live! To record the Romance rumors directly.

When Jimmy Kimmel She asked about speculation, she decided to give her a huge eye of nine times winning the Grammy and saying all that expression.

"First of all, like social networks, it's a common internet connection, it's just a matter of pop culture," said the singer. "Yes, people wanted to see love and guess what we wanted to see."

Gagak subsequently confirmed the number of rewards, "Shallow," is a love song and his film, A star is bornIt's a love story. He also explained how Cooper planned his entire performance: walkups together and piano offset camera plans and lighting.

"I knew how to go," he said.

In addition, Ally's character said it was important for two performers to perform "all the time connected".

"Look, I've got my arms around Tony Bennett Those who are in the world for three years, "he said. When you sing songs of love, what people like. "

Kimmel asked in a joke that Gaga had a relationship with the 92-year-old Crown.

"No!" Gaga told Romanticism's rumors before it started to shut up again. "No, I'm an artist, and I think [Cooper and I] he did a good job. And, fool!

He knew where the late-night host came from.

"Do you know what I love when I see him," he said. "It is very difficult to look at the eye and get lost."

In addition to directing the Romak rumors, Gagak received his Academy Award and received his Best Original Song.

"I swear, when we won, my entire artistic journey was becoming apparent before my eyes," he said. "I immediately saw it in the seat of my studio apartment in New York, on the concrete, next to my keyboard, when I squeezed my keyboard again, for my walk, it was incredible. It was hard work, I said in my speech and I will say again: if you work hard and If you do not give up, you can do anything ".

He also spoke A star is born The theater returned to add-on footage and received a special surprise from Kimmel in memory of the record-breaking platinum of films.

Watch the video to see her dialogue.

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