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Lafrenière has lands in Hunter's doghouse

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TSN Mark Markers checks news and releases published in Team Canada to celebrate media availability in Vancouver on Friday.

Why Tim Hunter's Rimouski Oceanic Alexis Lafrenière wing left the World Juniors game on Thursday?

"We showed a video game of Denmark, and there was skating, skating, and a lot of circles, and that's why we were not happy," said Team Canada coach. "And we talked about it and showed the video and explained it to him. I said:" At the beginning of the game, you'll show me whether or not you understand it or not "" We will limit your ice time. "

From Drummondville Voltigeurs to Joe Veleno he also had to play his time on the scale to return Hunter to his third trimester against Swiss short-term banks.

"These guys did not have a great game," said Hunter. "We need to win games, so there's no ice season tonight. We would be better off against the Czechs last night (overnight). We've done a lot of cleaning, but I am. We will get a better confidence in our team as we move around here."

Hunter at the Boston University Shane Bowers promoted Spokane Jaret Anderson-Dolan and Owen Sound to Nick Suzuki on the left side of the Swiss trophy. Hamilton's Mackenzie Entwistle took his 13th move forward and in fourth place Lafrenière and Veleno platooning are on the left.

"We will meet with all the groups and we should talk to each and every one of them in search of the game and be clearer," said Hunter. "We still have not done it. We've found things on the way, but I think things are getting clearer."

Two other lines – Portland Cody Glass Drummondville Maxime Comtois and Mississauga's Owen Tippett and Sault Ste. Marie's Barrett Hayton, Greyhound Morgan Frost and Prince Albert's Brett Leason will not change.

"They had a lot of scoring opportunities," said Hunter. "They need a bit of an offensive and intertwined approach to the West of the West, but it's an important chemistry of these lines. We leave you together. Top-six guys are in my mind."

Seravalli: Lafreniere is on WJC for some reason

Tim Hunter did not speak when Alexis Lafreniar played against Denmark. TSN Senior Hockey Reporter Frank Seravalli joins Mark Masters to talk about Hunter's 17-year-old and talk about the great opportunity for World Juniors Hunter's career.


Hunter does not invent his power units, Team Canada has won five times against Switzerland on Thursday night. Four of those options were in third place to hang the balance.

"I'd like to close the game with the goal of power-play," the coach admitted, "but these guys still need to play together and build a chemistry that is a power play and need to play our power to get it better when needed."

Does each one seek the first mindset?

"There are five men playing five games, so we do not need to be selfish," said Hunter. "We'll give you some new wrinkles. Puck's are not moving fast enough. They're tightening up and when you see a seam, it's too late. You need to go as fast as you need. Your ribbon knows if they are outfits and we're going a bit longer waiting ".

There is so much skill in the teams that the level of frustration is growing.

"A little, yes," Evan Bouchard, the chief of the unit, admitted the knights of London. "It's a bit frustrating not to see Puck, but it would be even more frustrating if we do not get our choices … We just have to keep shooting."

Hunter's power play unit sticks ahead of the test against Czech

Despite defeating 2-0 in special teams in Sweden, Tim Hunter has stuck with Canada's two unit of power unit. James Duthie and Bob McKenzie discussed the approach and whether there were changes to the previous line of the third game in Canada against the Czech Republic.


Killing punishment, the opposite attitude against Switzerland, giving two similar goals, seems to be more of concern.

"We knew that game, we saw and we knew about it, and our boys were asleep and that's why they got it," said Hunter. "He also needs a job. It's a tournament, so we do not have to kill our penalty right now."

But Hunter's patience seems to wear. Before the game he was invited to all the players in the game as a penalty killing meeting, not for those who work in practice – the ones who knew the game plans. This offered him more coaches, and Tippett and Comtois took advantage of their poor performance.

"Our two best players have been placed in this situation," explains Hunter. "They were in emergency situations, they gave up and worked".

Leason, who even loses Prince Albert's penalties, has achieved a short time.

"It's very aggressive," said Ian Mitchell. "It is tough for any power to fight against pressure and pucks to move quickly, so I think we work together more as we start working as a tandem and we will work like one. That's what the coaching staff harping with us."

Kurashev plays the game in the game

During the second period, Switzerland's Canadian team did not take advantage of the rojiblancas, and Philipp Kurashev did not score 1-1.


Team Canada's defense alignment will continue together after a great deal of effort against Switzerland. When Ty Smith keeps the big Spokane WHL players in the WHL, Denmark's average opening average of one minute average has been shown in the opening against Denmark.

"We were not happy, and the last time it was 37 seconds (per) shift," said Hunter. "It was tough and he emptied it, it was emptied, he got that message and you expect everything."

Smith, the New Jersey Devils view, and the widespread reversal of the Danish round, warned others about the anti-Swiss icebreaker.

"We published the lengths of displacement in the game and we talked with them in the morning and all the boys over 45 watched," says Hunter.

The result?

"Our shift lengths were great last night," said Hunter. "Analytics shows up to 37 seconds and then you try hard to make the most of your effort in the intensity."

Ferraro: A Canadian non-defense match is not easy & # 39;

Gord Miller and Ray Ferraro defeated Canadian defense team in front of goalkeeper Ian Scott and led the 23-0 Swiss record of the World Cup.


Bouchard reveals a television series by Connor McDavid, which won the World Junior gold medal in 2015.

"It's pretty nice aside from his own things, how he was and what he did as a team," Bouchard said.

What was the highlight of McDavid's message?

"Do not listen to all the instructions on the media around you," said Bouchard, "especially in Canada, in addition to all things."

Bouchard has said McDavid's advice was a reason why the players participated in the championship to eliminate social networks. The captain of Oilers has not so far been a high-profile guest speaker.

"Sidney Crosby sent a message to the players," said Hunter. "We also talked about Manny Malhotra. Hockey Cannons provides students with advantages over former students, a local friend like Manny, and then telephone conversations and phone conversations with Sidney and Connor McDavid, a powerful weapon, a powerful tool for us and a boy They are excited when they hear these guys. "

Bouchard: McDavid's team in Canada

Evan Bouchard has revealed Team Canada calling before Connor McDavid before the championship and captains of Oilers lighting up on home ground and how to improve media attention.


Game played on Saturday:


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