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Lance Armstrong's tone Alex Rodríguez, you're as good as you!


Lance Armstrong

Shades Alex Rodriguez

Better Than You Than!

12/6/2018 6:37 PM PST

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Lance Armstrong You're still pissed fellow admitted cheater Alex Rodriguez Actually, the forgiveness of society has still been a goddess, as Lance said.

"A-Rod did not want BILLION to earn half the dollars and save the lives of the people," Armstrong said in the "Today" show … obedience to Livestrong's foundation.

Armstrong increased the shadow of the player's glasses … sarcastically saying, "Look, it's good for someone to come home and maybe an event here and there for Boys & Girls Club."

Armstrong has gripped A-Rodi … "Freakonomy radio"He returned to July," It's a key thing that Alex Rodríguez allowed him to go back and play. And Alex Rodríguez was part of the sports team. And thirdly, Alex Rodríguez did not do any other baseball. "

"So I never had ever returned to my sport at all levels, and most people saw it as an individual sport, and I was much more than just cycling".

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