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Langley has not talked about teaching or offensive as a classroom – BC Local News


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TRANSLATION: Discussions whether Langley is a non-teaching class or offensive

When letter writers go down and down "Walnut Grove & # 39; The class's rising sun & # 39; They are not hanging.

Dear Editor,

While I understand the stress that has been seen on the flag, I'm aware of it.

ORIGINAL HISTORY: A giant polemic in Japan's Langley room

Of course, thankfully, the students who have refused their presence are very important. However, if we continue to hide some aspects of history because it might be uncomfortable for some people, then how will we learn in the past?

Continue the story: & # 39; Rising Sun & # 39; Langley's wetland cap is not in counterattack

Within a new generation, we do not know anything about previous struggles or victories that our ancestors have faced with great difficulty and will be in danger of recovering these errors. Our work remembers and shams those who suffer, to celebrate triumphs.

Life is not easy and painful apart, apart from fulfilling your life, we want to protect your happy personal bubble.

Norm Johnson, Langley

FIRST LEADING LITERATURE: Since the sun does not rise, Langley room is not required

OTHER OTHER: Flags have room for Langley and history

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