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Leafs, among the Jets, in front of 2019 tricks


There are questions about the coach of Maple Leafs, Mike Babcock does not link a hockey machine with a touch of 10 feet.

One of the challenges faced by the young talents of the Maple Leafs group faces face-to-face management of his nominee was subject to a Babcock particular sidestepping Toronto shortly thereafter William Nylander A long conflict in the contract that ended this month.

"Well, I think that you need to talk about the manager," said Babcock, referring to Kyle Dubas, CEO. "I'm a coach trainer."

Babcock responded happily to himself, gesturing and adding:

Funny, sure, but it does not disrupt the problem.

Nylander signed a six-year sentence and was only $ 41.4 million contracted before Dubas in 2019. In fact, the young core of the group would have to keep fully the planned $ 83 million of the NHL cap cap. For sale $ 55 million in the coming season books, Leafs has little wiggle room to select the first 2016 draft Auston Matthews and go ahead Mitchell Marner, leader of the group's current leader, completing the last years of their contracts.

Matthews follows the end of the year's 34-year-old 34-year-old, is expected to allocate an eight-year contract to face $ 100 million in captain Edmonton Oilers Connor McDavid They signed in summer 2017 and Marner, in the fifth quarter of 2015, will not stand behind, in the last 22 seasons with 22 goals and 69 highest points.

"I do not believe that any of our team and our entire organization would prevent the enjoyment of the season for the delight of the season, because they are good players who require contracts," he said. "I think it's a fortunate position."

Dubas is not the only repair.

From Winnipeg Patrik Laine, Kyle Connor and defenseman Jacob Trouba they have the right to become free agents. Looking to the future, Jets could not have Peter Stastny, the latest offer in Vegas, a better offer.

In Buffalo, recently acquired Jeff SkinnerIt achieves the price experience for each target. Skinner has 25 years of recent season, and the latter is only behind the NHL's Alexander Ovechkin. Skinner will have an unlimited free agent this summer if Sabres can not sign it again.

Buffalo can spend money, but it must be wise with the center Jack Eichel In the first year of eight years, a $ 80 million contract. And the teams will have a large part of the holes open again and again Rasmus DahlinThe entry level contract lasts for three years.

The question is how the teams keep their young stars while retaining enough money to fill the rest of the list.

"Philosophy is very simple and you're watching it. It's the only way to keep up with your top players with other operating systems," said Sabers GM, Jason Botterille. Focusing especially on Scouting and player development.

Botterill saw his first work on Pittsburgh where Penguins formed the main components Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang Filtering younger players into lower entry contracts.

However, it can be more complex in the middle of a group that is aging from the center.

The problems appear in Chicago, which won three Stanley Cups of 2010-15 with Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews But it is a transition group now, in many places with large contracts. It's no different in Los Angeles, the King eliminated his first round of playoffs and lost three times in post-season since 2014, after winning the Second Cup in three years.

"It's not a great business," Detroit Red Wings GM said. "You take decisions and two years later you wake up with those with different information, but it's too late and you have to manage it around that decision."

What happens in the last decade? Groups earn money to join free players, adding a free agency.

It is a philosophy that determines whether or not to evaluate the potential of the low-grade potential and the value of the contract. Otherwise, a team may be stuck with a player, with future agreements with a guaranteed contract with handcuffs.

"I do not think this is the easiest answer, you just have to do the right to make the player's decisions," said David Poil, CEO of Nashville Predators. "It's a bad contract and everything is thrown out."

Poil has done a good job keeping a competitor this year, with six players, combined with $ 40.25 million.

Dallas Stars GM Jim Nill requires team-building mastering of the team's template structure online.

"You need to be told," You know what, in that sense, we have no choice but to make sure we have to move it, "said Nille." I know what the fans say, "Woah, why do they do that?" You have no choice . "

There are exceptions to Maple Leafs and the attempt to build a free agency, after signing up John Tavares Seven years ago, a $ 77 million contract last summer.

Dubas emphasizes that the young talents of the group is "of great importance". Nylander's re-signing was the first step.


After missing out on Karlos for his eight seasons, Skinner is enjoying the buzz he created at Sabres in Buffalo, after finishing in the last five years.

"I was not here before, and I realized how much they loved Sabers. It was a good thing," said Skinner, who planned Buffalo to face the hurricane that he could refrain from his non-trading clause. Cliff Pu and in August three sketches. "Fortunately, we're proud to be proud".

Then, Skinner reminded them how equally fans will continue Buffalo from that season.

"Ha, ha, I've heard," said Skinner. I'm very enjoyable. "

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