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Leave below the nature of "Feather" … it's probably a comet, but …


Extraterrestrial Strategy Image. Third type meetings.
Increase / I mean, maybe not? Maybe? Maybe not, though. Almost no.

Just before Halloween, the Secretary of the Harvard Astronomy Department clearly stated that star-shaped stars created by the solar system could be extraterrestrial craftsmanship. And then … crickets.

Astrophysics blogging Centauri Dreams story tells the story about the third day. Includes an inclusive data on the academic book, that is, he devised this fraudulent option, quotes and commentator of the article (and noted by the deputy chairman), thanks to Avi Loeb's comment. It was introduced in November at stores like CNN, Time, and Washington Post He picked up the story, with incessant quotes and inevitable shadows. Object name & # 39; OumuamuaHe had strange and apparently contradictory properties; These properties may appear in this way, because our observations were not great. There are other options too.

I read Loeb's paper, which is why I agreed to publish respected Astrophysical Journal. In a few days, Loeb and I made a lot of Loeb's longest account and sat down, the worst and most profound conversation about this. Audio embedded player at the end of the colon this sentence editing the current edition, including highlighted.

If you are not in audio audio, we have a transcript as plain text and PDF (that is, it's probably readily easy to read).

"I do not say foreigners, but …"

Avi Loeb is clear amongst astonishing claims. Of course, it requires extraordinary evidence if the title of Loeb's work is not an exception. But we must also avoid the opposite knee response, that is to say, as something happens: "As President of Harvard's Astronomy says Could A craftsman does not mean is there one; and, in fact, means It is not Because it's irony! Oh, and tenderness too. "

Loeb's interview would not have this solution fixed for aliens, either for myself or for everyone (as much as the case resolved by Loeb, he needs much closer evidence). But & # 39; Oumuamua & # 39; The story is really wonderful. When researching, not astronomers can learn anything but something about the functioning of the universe. If you go down this route, it should be taken into account that the extraterrestrial technology has been taken into account and ultimately decreased as an explanation for many astronomical phenomena. "Oumuama will probably be definitely on the list. But much more is learned in the field of astronomy and the extravagant foreigners that follow the process.

If you listen to our interview (or read our correctly-OK-ish transcript), you will understand this debate in a subordinate level with most people. And really cool For the reasons that are discussed at the end of our conversation, here the big questions will be resolved as quickly as 2022 when a major telescope is connected.

In a hurry, I will make a summary of the interview, where you spot the time you stamp it, it will help you splatter the part that interests you most.

& # 39; Oumuamua & # 39; something about

Our story starts on October 19th of last year (in the hour stamp) 07:55 audio conversation above, write a brief description if you want to hear more details). Then the object named "Oumuamua" was seen through Hawaii's Pan-STARRS system, and detected and detected near-Earth objects.

The astronomers soon established that "Oumuamua was traveling too fast that was associated to our Sun, that is, it was created in a bright star system. This became the first star object definitely identified in the solar system. Really intrigued, the astronomer community expressed a great deal of hardware in the process of quitting smoking. The observation data masses were obtained before this, "the Oumuama disappeared in January.

Increase / Oumuama is an artist that looks like asteroide star-type asteroids.

"Oumuamua" was a barber on multiple pediments. It is interesting to travel "local rest" (time stamps) 15:36) among our local stars. For reasons, as explained by Loeb, it is a brilliant attribute and impossible for a natural object (but not impossible).

June (hour mark 23:22), Nature He has published the "Oumuamukar's thorough track record". The authors determined – with 30 standard trust deviations – that the object was accelerating when Sun left. This proved to be a comet, rather than an asteroid (other probative candidate). Comets usually accelerate in this way, driven by the heat of the sun released by gas, which generates signatures.

However, several observations were the opposite. (date and time 25:44). For example, & # 39; Oumuama & # 39; There was no tail ever seen. There was no coma (false head comet). There was no sign of water, and comets usually carried water. And "Oumuamua's Surface Reflectivity" & # 39; It is out of bounds near comets.

These and other curiosities can be justified or justified by themselves. For Loeb, past straw was made by the Roman Rafikov (Stamp) September at Cambridge University 28:39). Oumuamua's spin rate (quite a zippy-like curiousity) argues that the observation lasted for a long time, which, above all, led to a continuous growth.

Loeb concluded that he did not cause Ogasmo acceleration. He used alternative forces and astronomers quite well understood: the pressure of the sun's radiation. But this is a weaker force than passed. If it were negligible, Oumuama would have to be much smaller than a quarter of a quarter of the rock astronomers planned. Specifically, Loeb was as small as 20 meters in diameter. And here it's less than a millimeter thickness of the clinic.

Some kind of meetings close

The unknown natural process is produced remotely in remote space. However, it seems like a solar department. Loeb has spent a lot of time modeling of solar bass physics helping the Yuri Milner Breakthrough Starshot project (hour mark 18:55). Yes, thanks to a hammer toy, the nail does not match the nails immediately, and Loeb recognizes (30:07). But mammals are also known to identify the nails accurately.

The most exotic options are entertained by Loeb's role (33:55) The study was conducted on Oumuama's mission (not necessarily the division of the Earth, but perhaps the inanimate systems of star systems, usually). This is the relative abundance and other factors of star-shaped objects based on legacy calculations.

Loeb and I discussed it in the online archive, and their co-author, Shmuel Bialy's postdoctoral director, was initially on paper.36:58) and its unusual speed Astrophysical Journal yes it has been approved and published (40:35). When Loeb continues to criticize some of his critics, he responds (44:51). This will lead to a debate about Loeb's philosophy in terms of academics.

It suggests an unusual view of the object outside our Solar System. "Src =" .22-PM-640x379.png "width = "640" height = "379" srcset = " 28-en-1.51.22-PM.png 2x
Increase / It suggests an unusual view of the object outside our Solar System.

We closed the fascinating look to answer questions about the current hardware that could be quickly answered by a large telescope in 202256:56). This translates to the abundance of star objects like "Oumuamua". If they are as rare as previous calculations, the new gear will be more powerful to get new ones. But the discovery of Oumuamua is not so habitable, the new telescopes detect thousands rapidly.

This argument is very much involved in fully exploring here (I am a podcaster, not a journalist). So, I'm encouraged to listen to this section. Loeb's controversial explanation only provides sales date, and this date is just a few years.

Personally, I can not wait until events come close. Listen to this section, and you will also find out below. However, at least 2022 probability criteria are provided at least. Oumuamua is an artificial relic. And regardless of the outcome, would not it be cool if you want to continue this story?

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