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From Cape Town to Perthera, missed these options or systemic failure?

From Cape Town to Perthera, missed these options or systemic failure? © Getty

If it had been a "miss and out" case in Perth, this test would end next year. Yes, there is always a lot of play and they are lacking in green areas and they offer bowlers support. But they have seldom been one and the same as in the last fifteen days at Optus Perth Stadium. And they rarely had to be the best races in the two races in the world teams (including tricks full of enthusiasm) and frustration (tricks were not enough wickets). They are here.

So KL Rahule decided to make Mitchell Starc's way of life, it was a little easier when the left army broke out the whole rumor. He did not play, he was not questioned. The ball, however, caught a shelf from its edge, before throwing it in the trash. Rahul fell like a gentle release. In the first Indian blood it was given the fourth innings of a test. In this regard, they made an initial hash for the start of the race.

More than half an hour later, it was known that Virat Kohli and Murali Vijay Nathan Lyon were eliminated, leaving the India in 55/4 dumps and reaching out to 287 targets. As in the past, the rest was succumbed and it was just another case, as was another victory in India. Afterwards, this year they went out of the house when they made a hat. They left behind at 39/3 208 in Cape Town, behind 26/3 Centurion 287, 46/3 194 behind Edgbaston, and 22/3 245 behind Southampton, 2/3 264 behind Oval. That house was the same. Their answer was the same.

These were the tests that took place in different conditions, most of which were more than just bowlers and the series at different stages of interest. But many of the factors leading to its predicament and eventual defeat are often tough to lose. Perhaps, Kohli's Virat Kohli could have missed the raffles he had lost in those times. But when India is confused, there are also factors behind control, starting with the selection, pitch and conditions that are also doubtful.

In Cape Town, they went to Rohit Sharma to Ajinkya Rahane. In Centurion, at Cape Town Test, with Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, the lightest bowler and a sudden second fast fell. In Edgbaston, Cheteshwar Pujara went out of the best steam to play three openers. In Southampton, R Ashwin was chosen as a middleman, and Moeen Ali did not patch himself with adoring. And as has been emphasized in the last few days, Umesh Yadav has strengthened the wrong direction of the team that directs the team, choosing by the duration of the participation of Bhuvneshwar more than once. However, his colleagues placed Aussies under the cosmos second innings.

Why do they continue to repeat these gaffes, but it remains a mystery? You are a captain, you talk about what you want to win the cricket and the same way. You have to watch a head coach and have an experienced cricket on all corners, and you should have the right Kohli driver on paper, helping his captains get a flu shot in their condition. Although the conspiracy theories are not just the unknown reasons for the most selective choices, none of them makes sense of it. Therefore, either as a captain or coaching conditions, in the case of reading, or perhaps they often go with a gut and not a logic. There is no other reason to play Umesh Perth.

The mystery is to continue the selection of wars repetition

It's a mystery that the selection continues with wars © Getty

Bhuvneshwar, even Ravindra Jadeja, gave 20-25 stairs at least, suddenly and most importantly to Australia to 20-25, less than two episodes, and threatening it. It is not surprising, unwanted but confusing, that India's second-generation star, Mohammed Shami, has admitted that he could do it with the specialized spinner team. It's not a bad call, due to damages caused by Lyon.

There are also other comparisons, which come from other fake run-chases and each one carried out in 2018, starting with the bowlers' inability to clean the tail. It happened in South Africa, where Vernon Philander, Keshav Maharaj and Kagiso Rabada liked the final five-meter score. In England, India was constantly fighting against her childhood barrier, Sam Curran, repeatedly. Perth, after falling to the first innings, wound Australian tail on Wednesday and extended to 250 final 250. Shami began his elite hostility, a middle-class Aussie, but perhaps many of his arrests were also held in his kidnappings. Unfortunately, the last four Indians made it very easy, and they certainly did not receive Perth support through four bowls, each of which is a great slot from 8 to 11.

What is the worst case for violence is that the Indians have hindered each one of these missed trials, like in Perth. Although the raffle is lost, although it is not surprising that many teams do not leave home, they do not have enough quality and good behavior in a decent quality in the game. Their bowlers had only made their participation as soon as possible. Bumrah, Shami and Ishant have worn their hearts and Indian poses positions to dominate India, with excellent conditions.

It is worth pointing out that even though the challenges facing more than 200 attendees do not make the most comfortable groups. In some cases, the margins of victory, although in some cases not narrow, are not the real difference of real difference between particular parties. Although Australia won 32 races in Adelaide, many were not believed to be running.

But, repeatedly, since the distant 2018 trip has so far been so far removed, the Indians have been reluctant to decide for themselves, both in terms of approach and tactics. Perhaps he will do it himself, if those triumphs go down, looking for the weakest options and more systematic gaps. There are many variables in every recurring trend that tendency is not a trend. And a group of Indians can pay and look hard, without losing their resolution, it is a Kohli-driven unit. In fact, as shown in the first and most important parts of this section, the world's No. 1 teams are one reason, and most of the boxes are far from home.

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