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Legendary slaughter in bars behind, but the victims never pay CTV worker in Edmonton with Diego Romero's report

Published on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 11:59 AM EST

A female 61-year-old woman who was sentenced to dozens of dozens of inverted dozens of dollars, was imprisoned for four years.

Marie LaFramboise earned money from banks at the Alberta Mountain Retreat, which was never a condo, hotel, spa, and golf course.

About two dozen victims continue to be $ 1.3 million in debt.

Peter and Sue Schubert gave Laframboise about $ 400,000 as a friend.

For four years, it is not enough to feel.

"It may not be all we need, but it's a measure of justice," said Sue Schubert before the CTV News Court.

"At the end of four years nobody hurt."

The court stated that there was no land bought from the provincial government.

The Queen of Bench Court of Justice Adam Germain said, even when imposed restitution order, it is difficult to repay any money scammed by any of them.

In a statement on the victim's impact, a woman said LaFrambois preyed her in her endoscopic husband, trying to leave her children a legacy.

The other victim said he should earn money to pay for the money and gas needs of his children's bank accounts.

24 people were killed between 2006 and 2010 using the glossy manual Eagle Ridge resort.

Every two years, after the victim was awaiting the victim, LaFramboise was arrested.

"He did not show emotion," said Peter Schubert.

"If money was not refundable, I do not believe that remorse," said Sue Schubert.

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