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Liberalists do not receive money from the councilor to raise money

The Canadian Liberal Party does not refuse to release details of MP Raj Grewal's collection of hundreds of thousands of dollars at the same time. Grewal has millions of games in debt games.

An income of $ 500 per person, Grewal said Brampton East Liberal cavalry event was attended by 1,200 people in April, people did not have any celebrations.

The potential will be 600,000 dollars, with less costs and non-payment guests, should exceed the limit of the cost of vehicles of $ 100,000 at least for the 37-day election campaign.

On the contrary, the majority of fundraisers with liberal transparency websites have fewer than 100 guests, although Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or senior minister spoke in the audience.

Opposition critics have been a major event as one of the most prominent question marks in Grewal, the NDP proposes to continue "it could be a lot during the next elections".

"The government said it would be transparent as a default, not a true truth," he said New Democrat MP Nathan Cullen.

Grewal left Liberal Kukuari in November, because he made mistakes to feed a casino betting issue, reporting sources and other media. The MP received from the family and friends of unknown families have been thankful for the payment of debts and no revenue revenue.

However, it is not clear how much April is the event, who gave it or how it is being used.

Braeden Caley, a national spokesman for the federal party, did not answer questions about money, though fundraisers often have significant costs and non-payment guests.

"It is a routine for all parties to raise basic revenues for local organized (cavalry associations), not only in the election period, but also in campaigns for their community and election campaigns." Caley said.

Liberal has approved the fundraising transparency initiative, being one of the main parties of the first party, publishes fundraisers details where they belonged to the cabinet or the prime minister. Caley said the liberals would not release the names of those who bought the tickets for Brampton East, and the names they had previously been told were not alerted.

Although the parties must make all donations more than $ 20. Elections Canada, together with the name of the donor, the 2018 deadline for filing deadlines is not up to the end of March.

Richard An Attorney, acting as his spokeswoman, Grewal stated that the incident is a common revenue collection organized by community horsemen throughout the country.

Brampton East's first congress was followed by 2015 elections, while most were held annually, said An. The PP collected $ 190,000 that night, but $ 500 donations were received before and later, the lawyer said.

And some guests would not pay, he said, free invitations from the 26 guest bridesmaids were sent to them.

When contacted by the National Post, the President of the local horsepower Ajitpal Wirach did not discuss the issue.

Most of Cullen said that listening to any member of the association who ever listens to one of these events is $ 100,000, and as in the Forensic Peninsula his B.C., $ 15,000 is considered good. Peter Kent, conservative ethics critic, said, although his "big ticket" fundraisers brought in five figures.

"That looks just like an eye-popping figure," said Cullen, who argued Unlikely, according to the rules for electoral expenses, they would be able to spend money on the next campaign. "It spreads everything dizzy."

Cullen said the arrests of the incident said that "the polls will continue." When he was appointed as the "Foreign Electoral Commissioner", if he had examined complaints about election progression, he dismissed his request for investigation. , he was told that there was no evidence to compromise.

There were no checks ever written by Mr. Grewal personal riding association

It's possible that the police had made money, but "we will not hear a bit, if there is any details," Kent announced. Asked about Grewal, the RCMP has repeatedly said that Post does not give opinions on whether or not they are investigating a particular individual or entity.

Rumors of cost limitations depend, to a certain extent, on the length of the campaign. Brampton East candidates could spend more than $ 200,000 in 2015 in high-ranking elections in Canada, but the 37-day campaign was at least $ 100,000.

However, riding a fundraiser association would decide how to spend it, said An.

"There was never a check ever written by Horse Grewal personally," he said.

On a Facebook post posted on Friday afternoon, Grewal announced that he would not vote for Brampton East. Although he announced his resignation in November, after his reflections on debt, Grewal immediately said that the statement was "misappropriated" and that he would make a decision about his future in the new year. After Friday, he said he had "received treatment" and said "personal growth was tremendous" several months ago.

"I look forward to returning to fresh jobs, renovation and renovation," he said. Grewal did not make any questions, he returned to the Commissar's House on Monday.

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