Thursday , August 11 2022

Lil Kim's Homage to Kim Porter


Lil Kim said he could not speak that special Porter. "Oh my Kim. There is a lot of memories with the family …"

Actress and late actor Kim Porter. Image: Instagram.

Rapper Lil Kim paid homage to Kim Porter, following the death of a model.

A 47-year-old model was found dead at his home in Los Angeles last week and his close friend, Lil Kim's rapper, recorded in Instagram in 44, to remember Thanksgiving.

Lil Kim wrote: "I try to write several times, but I can not talk about how special @ladykp was Oh my Kim. They remember many families and many talents, many times, despite the fact that parents and parents did not at all I liked it, but I do not need to be honored with such women and relatives, where my extended family is there. Thank you in your prayer, Paradise rests in Kim Porter.

Meanwhile, Kim – a 20-year-old and twenties of 20 years old, Jessie and D & # 39; Lila, along with their partner, Sean & # 39; Diddy & # 39; The cause of death with Combs – has not yet been established.

Weeks suffered symptoms of "flu" during the weeks, and the police confirmed that it was "a lack of passion".

The autopsy was carried out by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner after his death, but they also require tests to determine the cause.

This funeral will take place this weekend at Columbus, Georgia and Faith Evans, B.I.G. Notorious widow. – it's been prepared.

Diddy means he is going to give a service to give an eulogy, but still his "shock" is more than his death shock, he is not sure about his speech during the course.

The Mary J. Blige service will go too, but it does not take place.

Depending on the demanded I will miss you The model of Hitmaker's partner's trunk comes in a horse dressed as a horse, because he worshiped creatures.

Muslim hip hop recently admitted that he had been living a "nightmare" since his death.

Kim was constantly following a video, he wrote on Instagram: "I was trying to wake up this nightmare in the last three days but I do not.

"I do not know what I need to do without your baby. I've lost so much. Today, I'll pay homage to you, I'll try to find words that explain my understandable relationship.

"We were more than our best friends, we were more than soulmates. OTHER S ** T" WE WERE ITS OUR OTHER! And I lost so much. Super Black Love [love heart emoji] (Sic) "

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