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LILLEY: The Council of Premier Council has paid special attention to health care

In the busy corridor of Brampton Civic Hospital, Jan 10, 2018. (Dave Abel, Toronto Sun)

Ontario residents are experiencing difficulties in accessing healthcare and feel they feel stress-resistant to a system that is not available to them: one of the notes included in a report released on Thursday.

The first report from the Premier Council for Health and Medical Terminology for Health will be published on Thursday, at 8:00 p.m.

Although the Board is led by Dr. Reuben Devlin and not providing remedies for millions of people in Ontario, the report will show symptoms that the system suffers.

It takes too long to see the doctor, the system is very complicated to navigate the most, and the patients and primary workers face the tension of a broken system.

These are serious problems for anyone who is trying to get into the Ontario health system, but an official high school emphasizes some of these reports: it is a diagnosis before getting a quote.

Dr. Reuben Devlin (Toronto Sun Files)

"Only 35% of patients admitted to the hospital spend eight hours," Devlin said. He was the hospital's professional audience at Ottawa's last speech.

The significant statistics are loaded by Devlin.

But those looking for solutions will have to wait a bit.

It has been a long time since a problem has reached the doctor, the latest province took on a new meaning.

Last April, in the middle of the campaign, the London Health Sciences Center gave a new protocol to large hospital admissions. "Corridor health care" is explicitly allowed.

"The hostel refers to an unusual location that can accommodate a bed or bed," reads the protocol.

This could have resulted in a food cabinet, a corridor or a bedding or hanging place, but they did not have to use stairs, exit doors or oxygen-free storage.

Liberal denied the seriousness of the problem, but Ford and PC repaired it.

After the election, he was appointed head of the Devlin team.

Before Devlin coaches train an orthopedic surgeon before becoming a hospital administrator. He was the president and director of Humber River Hospital in the northwest of Toronto, and develops the first digital hospital in the province.

This means that the technology can be completed with night-time touch screen to access the patient's records to the robots that mix medication.

In his speech in Ottawa in December, Devlin promoted technology and innovation.

"We need to rebuild our health through the use of current innovations," Devlin said.

"We need a system that takes full surveillance of vigilance: a number to be called, a website, which is what we must be today."

Perhaps in the future report, there are some recommendations that we will see. But for the time being, the government's previous reports show clearly: The system does not work properly.

To solve this problem, keep it.

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