Sunday , January 17 2021

Listen to Grimes "Song new" "Power We Appreciate"

Grimes's new song "Power to Appreciate", HANA is now the star (4AD). Watch Grimes and her brother Mac Boucher with Lyric Video Support. According to a press release, the North Korean Moranbong Band is inspired. The press release says:

"Moranbong" inspired by the North Korean bands "We are grateful for the power"
It is written from the Pro-A.I point of view. Girl Group Propaganda
a machine that uses songs, dance, sex and fashion wealth
Artificial Intelligence (whatever you like
No). Simply, when you hear this song, the future general AI
On the other hand, you will see less and less your message
You can eliminate your children.

In February, Grimes said that he wanted to publish an album until 2018. A few months later, he shared the album's "working" album. Grimes's latest LP, Arteko AngelsHe left in 2015

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