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LIVESTO DEVELOPMENT: Officers oust the scene of Polish crime away from other police, hear the trial


Chris Morris, The Canadian Press

Publication date: Friday, November 30, 2018 12:45 PM EST

Last Updated Friday, November 30, 2018 1:41 PM EST

SAN JUAN, N.B. – When Richard Oland appealed to the bill of thousands of officers, when some of the officers of Saint John's police visited the exhibition, the trial of murder of Dennis Oland was said on Friday.

"I have sternly ordered my crime to get the scene out," Sgt. Mark Smith said that two of the two founders discovered by the day had found their discovery on July 7, 2011.

Smithek Richard Oland, a 69-year-old businessman and former executive of Moosehead Breweries SL, was executed on July 6, 2011 at the shocking murder of the forensic province of St. Louis.

The pictures showed his desk lying down, his skulls, repeating the blows through a weapon never found. A large blood pool radiates around the top edge of the body.

Holen's only son, Dennis, 50, is a second-degree trial. This is the second trial in Holland – the jury dismissed its first trial in 2015 when the appeal was dismissed.

Prosecutors have taken to the court that it was a "rage" that caused serious financial problems by Dennis Holland. Defense says Dennis maintains his innocence as a victim of a sharp police investigation.

Smith's two officers fled Glen McCloskey Inspector, later chief of the police of Saint John, and now retired and Konst. Greg Oram. McCloskey visited the second day, and for the second time, in the second, he admitted that he had "curiosity" in the first trial.

McCloskey's behavior was the subject of an initial investigation by the New Brunswick Police Commission, another officer said that the chief did not want to make a judgment about the scene of his crime. However, the consultation was made more refined, after McCloskey retired.

Smithe told them when he ordered two agents to leave.

Defense police officers are making a tough question in the trial, suggesting that they failed to prevent the prevention of pollution from crime, and to analyze a career path and escape from the back door. in bathrooms.

Smith was not a cross-examination lawyer on Friday for advocates. He'll take his rest again.

Two official police officers on Friday, Friday. Rob Carlisle and Const. Description of the work carried out by Don Weber during the French study, Crown Prosecution P.J. In the quiz of Veniot

Both of them tried to find possible tests, including everything that could be a killer weapon, and video tape watch companies in the surrounding area.

Carlisle said video from the uptown pedway on July 6, 2011, showing a video showing mostly wearing any individual beige trousers wearing a 5-foot-10-inch high and wearing dark blazer.

"There was no mention of that name," Carlisle said.

Dennis Oland was captured on July 6, 2011 wearing beige pants and a brown jacket. He visited his father in the office, late this day, and Richard Lat is the last person he has ever seen.

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