Wednesday , October 27 2021

Lobsters & # 39; assess their own lives & # 39 ;: PETA campaigns N.S. to eat seafood against it


International animal rights group PETA launches new campaign against consumption of Halifax marine animals.

On Tuesday, the organizer announced that he placed three ads on Halifax and Dartmouth bus shelters, showing a picture of a lobster and the words "I am ME, Not MEAT. View Single. Go Vegan." PETA claims to run ads until the first week of January.

The Lobster season was inaugurated on December 1 in the 33 and 34 Scottish fishing areas, reaching the Digby province of the South Shore province of the peninsula. Canada's largest lobster is a commercial fishing vessel. Last year, it was $ 502 million, one of which accounted for 57% of British lobbying in Canada, according to the federal government.

Many lobsters caught in Canadian dishes during the Canadian season are exported to Canada or far away from China.

"The holiday season is that people are having some thoughts and perhaps a little more generous and compassionate," said PETA spokeswoman Amber Canavan.

According to Canavan, the organization is promoting the vegan shellfish, which is based on vegetable materials.

"PETA bus protection ads remind us that meals are not life-threatening objects, they live, and are not sensitive to people who do not die. Every year, however, millions of lobsters are burned off from their home in the ocean, people break their bodies from one body to another, cut them or leave them alive, While everyone is capable of feeling and feeling pain, "said Canavan.

News Release PETA Executive Executive Chairman Tracy Reiman acknowledged human bean lobsters, "they feel pain and fear, have a unique personality and value their lives".

PETA also describes the lobster as "intelligent individuals who explore the environments, remember the individual lobsters and use complex signals to establish social relationships, a 100-year lifestyles".

The group said that reading banquets in Switzerland were not allowed this year. They must die before cooking.

& # 39; We can not stop people who like to eat & # 39;

"Workers' managers have analyzed processes and ways through the chain of values ​​and we feel comfortable with the value of lobster for the chain," said Geoff Irvine, Executive Director of Lobster Council Canada.

He points out the vision of Irvine ads by taking a vegan diet.

"It would encourage people to eat their food," he said. "We feed animals, seafood in general, but we do not have food that people like."

The crusade of the PETA that consume Canadian maritime animals is not new.

At the end of August, PETA advised a Richibucto seafood recycling plant, NB, CBC News announced that Omera Shells Inc.'s residual smell has been abolished, which shrimp and crab shells and prawns cut off beans and heats them they become dust Dust is then exported to Asia, which is used as a biofuel industry and fertilizer.

PETA vegan advertisement at the Toronto metro station. (Chris Glover / CBC)

At that time, PETA planned to fly the airport banners or put it in the same message found in Halifax bus shelters.

Canavan said the company did not finish it because it did not have the right location to run ads.

The organization also announced announcements at Toronto subway stations this year.

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