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Local invention to prepare Skizee in the provincial ski slopes


When people see Jim Maidment using inventiveness, cars look closer to one another.

"I've been bugging people on ice in ice over three snow-only ones with me." said Maidment.

Skizee "Woodsrunner" drives a four-wheeled engine that drives a track similar to a snowmobile. An articulated arm pushes the pilot, which activates in the direction of a handle. (Marie Isabelle Rochon / CBC)

"I was in a lake, and I returned to my house and there was a guy there, and he said:" I saw it in a lake, but I could not understand how it was doing. down, all the things I could see was a pair of skis that crossed the lake and I could not see how it was doing. "

A great invention of launching a new niche sport is called Skizee. With it, you can ski the slope or crossing the ski slope. It adapts to your car's trunk.

And here it is here in the province. After spending many years in Maidment's minds, two more Memorial Genesis Centers are almost two more on the slopes of Skizee and ready for the market.


Maidment was born as a Goose Bay boy. The local ski resort Snow Goose Mountain had its chair lift, Maidment would go down the stairs to the stairs.

"And then I thought, if there was no way of getting a motorcycle ladders, it would be a measure of gravity, it would be so fun." he said.

Skizee's inventor Jim Maidment got an idea of ​​a motorcycle designed as a 10-year-old boy on Snow Goose Mountain in Ski Valley-Goose Bay Labrador. (Marie Isabelle Rochon / CBC)

It was stuck with the same idea. Maidment was carpentry and mechanical industry. That is, a tinker. One day, he bought an electric scooter with his youngest daughter, and his old idea came back.

"I thought I was looking at it, I asked for this job, so I started with a couple of chains with electric motors, some batteries and BMX wheels, and I was able to do it in homes and whatever," he said.

"And he worked, it was not enough, so I built a larger one. In the end, after prototyping, to build a safe and user-friendly one, this is the result."

How it works

Skizee has four tracer engines that drive a track similar to a snowmobile. An articulated arm divides it into a fork, which sits on the bottom of the pilot's back. Take the handles, pull the shooter and rotate it on the track, crossing the snow. You can easily change the flat land, even if it is uphill.

He calls it skiing.

Inventor Jim Maidment can drive the Skizee on one side with the other GoPro camera. (Jim Maidment)

"Here's the best ski-slope skiing or skiing or snowmobile." said Maidment. "It's the funniest thing you can do in a dense unit, where I do not have to go."

For storage and transportation, the skis arm falls and folds on the unit. The whole thing is bigger than the vacuum cleaner.

"I usually add more than my ski boots." said Maidment.

From the desert to Genesis Center

Maidment went from a hobbyist to Skizee, an old friend Donna Paddon Labrador.

"Jim and I both separated from each other, from time to time." Paddon said. "I thought I was trying on this machine, I thought it was very wonderful. I love it."

Roshell Industries created two companies and 18 months ago came from San Juan to the Genesis Center to participate in the creation of Memorial University businesses and access their resources.

Donna Paddon is CEO of Roshell Industries, Maidment, a company created to produce Skizee. (Marie Isabelle Rochon / CBC)

Roshell Industries is the first company to set up the Genesis Center store. With new resources, Maidment and Paddon continued to work on the machine, but also contacted their business strategy, marketing ideas and manufacturers.

Now, this local invention is built locally. And it is ready to face the mountains and the market.

"We are creating a small number of machines to make the first entry, and they are looking for partners with the provincial ski resorts." said Paddon, CEO of Roshell Industries today. "So, those who want to try will have the opportunity to go to the resorts".

A clear look at the Skizee Woodsrunner website. (Skizee)

The first line to buy Skizee is Snow Goose Mountain, Maidment's ancient stomping ground.

"It's been closed for 15 years. It's a young Indian entrepreneur, who is opening the Winter Owls in the winter, which will bring him to the forefront of the province's leading sales company." said Paddon.

Cross-Country Snowboarding? It works! Reporter Zach Goudie can not ski, Skizee tried to snowboard. (Marie Isabelle Rochon / CBC)

Renting a skier in a ski resort will be practical for most of the riders, but they can be really enthusiastic for a $ 4,990 sale.

"I'm absolutely fascinated to get it out and finally offer people the products they wanted for a long time." said Paddon.

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