Thursday , October 6 2022

Lockdown uprising at three high schools in Toronto, an armed man report after hours at the building


Bloor West Village's three-block high school rose a few hours earlier on Thursday morning with a gun being seen with a man.

The police responded to the call at the Western Technical-Commercial School in Evelyn Cres (Runnymede Rd). and Annette St.

Police arrested dozens of wheels locked up at the Bloor West Village with three men picked up in the school after a morning with a gun, the Toronto police said.
Police arrested dozens of wheels locked up at the Bloor West Village with three men picked up in the school after a morning with a gun, the Toronto police said. (Gilbert Ngabo / TORONTO STAR)

There were dozens of crossings that surrounded the building and had more than 100 officers in the area, close to the closet search room near the boiler room, members of the Emergency Group departed from school before 2 p.m.

The Ursula Franklin Academy and The Student School also blocked high schools that shared the building with Western Tech.

Toronto School District Board tweeted out at 2:40. The lock was lifted, it was first installed four hours beforehand.

The children were left on the day of the building, much as parents looked gladly away.

"He was quite happy today, I am very happy and safe", John Hayden said about his two-year-old son.

A student earlier reported a man at the school entrance to see a gun with his staff, the police said.

The police said the suspect is a former 18-year-old student, but Sgt. Sal Granata would not say whether or not the detainees had been arrested.

"All schools are safe," said Granate, saying no injuries.

The police later said that the doctor needed attention to breathe.

Alec Freda, a 18-year-old student at West Student, said a Stark employee had made an announcement about the PA system in the morning. Mathematics was in class.

"Everyone thought that it was just the routine and that our teacher had lost email," he said during the Star Facebook blockade. "Now the police are SWAT gear inspection classes and even the bags go. Honestly, they feel safe, but we can not turn back, except on December 6.

The 29th anniversary of the École Polytechnique in Montreal is celebrated, where 14 women were killed and another 10 injured Marc Lépine's worst film in Canadian history. Since 1991, the Women's Anti-Violence Action and Memory Day was held.

The students said the second announcement was later asked by teachers and students to open their own classroom door to police police.

"We have made a lot of friends, media and emails," he said.

There are about 2,000 children in the facility, said Anthony Vandyke, director of Western Techeko, and Georgia Gallagher, chief of Ursula Franklin.

The schools make block sessions for students of the year, but never want to happen, Gallagher said.

"Students are stressed. They want to stop and leave," he told the reporter. "Children have been a tough day".

Vandyke said the student was quietly speaking and while they were playing during the blockade.

The nearby Stepping Stones Montessori Daycare was at Runnymede Rd.

Other school locations – Keele Street Public School, Runnymede Public School, Annette Street Public School, Humberside Collegiate Institute and Mountview Alternative Junior School – was lifted up and secured before lifting.

Cracks are used when threats are indoors or in close proximity. They would be far away from the threats stored in a blockage, classrooms or other areas, minimizing access and visibility. Employees 'members, students' safety supervisors, make sure that nobody leaves these designated areas.

It's a different situation than maintaining a lock and going on. Schools are held and protected when there is a threat in the state school, but not in school.

Outside doors are blocked and no one has a situation in the Community when entering or leaving the school. School activities continue to be common, but they are temporarily out of the building.

Carlota McAllister, whose son was a Western student, was looking for daily updates in the morning in search of many disturbing parents. He said that while he understands that he is busy with police and school lockers, he has to notify the school board of people who are notifying him.

"I do not want people to make mistakes, but I did an hour ago, tweeted, and they did not say that they were going to be calm or agreeing or not. They should say it in five minutes," McAllister told Stark in an out conversation.

He said the policeman tweet saw her husband's lock.

At noon, the school board sent an email sent to parents and guardians, "We are safe."

"All students and staff are safe and police are investigating the site," reads emails.

The police said that Twitter updates frequently occur.

"Communication is important, parents have concerns about their children," said Torontian police spokeswoman Katrina Arrogante. "As I am updating the Twitter account, as far as the information we receive from the research is being updated."

The Police named the Runnymede Libraries Bloor St. W. and Glendonwynne Rd. Parents to lock their children to the end as staging areas. There were only a few TTC buses, in this case students needed rides.

At noon, many parents came to school to see kids.

Liz Fursberg, a 14-year-old son, a 9-year-old parenting engineer, said he was working around Bay and College Sts when he heard news.

"Immediately I took my bike and made the way here," said outside school.

Her son kept the context and told him everything he said was "quiet" in school, he said.

"I hope I live worried about my son," he said, saying that he was talking Thursday after the 29th anniversary of the École Polytechnique attack.

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