When Logan Paul thought he was nonsense, he found a new demographic sense of language. So, without further ado, I'll give you the latest block in Logan Paul: "Go Gay" in March. The evil YouTube Vlogger made its podcast in two directions proclaiming, Impaulsive Mike & # 39; Hey Big Mike & # 39; Maul with host. This conversation was more enjoyable …

Big Mike & # 39; informs Paul that he was simple and vegan, without delay. In future, in addition to the alleged joke of Logan Paul, Vegan assumed an archetypal impression, but he did not. Instead of pushing the fictional Vegan-Bro diatribe instead of new directions, Paul began to break his 4-month behavioral plan. "January is a vegan January of January, and it's in February …" before going on a tangent. At this time, the interview has a loose look at the two dudes with his New Year Resolutions, BEST.

After the interview, "Big Mike" recovers his four-month plan on a daily basis by 1 steak, according to Tito and Kaka's bottles provisions, before turning "leaves". Then Logan Paul continues, "And then, in March, invent … What's that? Male-only March. So March is the only male. We'll try gay one month, "which at the same time creates a smile full of enthusiasm, some grunts, words, but vice versa.

The entire conversation is not understandable, but it's not a problem. After all, Paul and "Big Mike" were always the wrong ideas of "Go Gay". The agreement is as follows: Logan Paul is a clever wizard with an incomprehensible agenda. "Content specialists" can very well overcome "Disapproved" and "Woke" seemingly positive expressions, with little or no value.