Loki may not be terribly lame. Trickster gods would not have control over the Earth's first invading Avengers film Take it for the first time Thor. In the film, Loki learned and adopted a giant ice maker. He could make an outline for his anger and pain, and he had to be Thor. When Loki Bifrost falls and apparently dies, he failed. Then he's reappeared Avengers When he falls to Bifrost from another dimension, he joins The Other and Chitauri.

Loki and Thanos know the Loki Chitauri army and the Mind Stone scepter (this screen does not happen). Marvel's official website updates a specific part of the MCU canon by Mind Stone, secretly bending the will of Loki to Thanos's intentions. We have taken you from its website:

"When he arrived at the sanctuary of a wormhole created by Bifrost, Loki met another one, Chitauri, and Thanos knew the main breeds of the old breed, which had a cure control device, Loki would affect others, and we do not know how to effect Zetro He hated his brother Thor and the Earth's inhabitants. "

This would make Loki's loyal loyalty, as well as the first confusion Avengers The film says: "I remember the shadow, I live under the shadow of your grandeur. I will cast you into the abyss, who was and should be king." Apparently, Mind Ston Loki believed that Thor had stolen the throne and threw it into space, that did not happen.