Tuesday , May 18 2021

Luka Gordic's honest sentence full of death

Luka Gordic has died, a man who has spent more than twenty years in Whistler (BK), almost four years ago.

The family of Moses cried out and announced in the Vancouver court.

The murderer can not be named because he was 17 years old. In October 2001, he was second guilty.

After losing Gordic, two other men were guilty of the deceased during a month's 36-division division.

There were three of Burnaby, B.C., one of the largest killing and killing of a boy in May 2015.

Crown said in the case that he was looking for an adult's phrase.

Arvin Golic, a fourth person, was also sentenced to death with Gordic.

Golí, at the age of 18, was found guilty of killing and was sentenced to prison in December 2017 for seven years.

After deletion of the time, he was behind bars for five years.

Sweet guy & # 39;

He was accompanied by Gordic Whistler's friends after a long weekend trip.

He was separated from his team when he joined the store for convenience on May 17 to buy a chip bag. When Nerea was attacked, he drew from the inside and killed many wounds.

Milos Gordico recalls his younger brother, Luka 0:58

Gordic was surely, "simple, sweet guy" loved his friends and family, especially his great brother.

The police have not stated any motive, but the family thinks it was enough to ensure a second-degree murder, after the trial of Golic's death.

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