Thursday , October 6 2022

Madison Radios & # 39; Baby Is It Cold Outside & # 39; it comes out


Madison Radios & # 39; Baby Is It Cold Outside & # 39; it comes

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MADISON, WIS. – Madison radio has thrown a controversial song today from its radio stations, a station said.

Mid-West Family Broadcasting Program Fletcher Keyes took all versions of "Baby Is It Cold Outside" on Hank AM 1550 and 97.7 FM on Monday.

"It's currently not describing a scenario, so we did not think we needed to be," said Keyes. "We did not want to agree with that kind of relationship".

Hank's country classic classic song changed from one country to another on Christmas music on August 22 and Holidays tunes – eliminating the controversial duo – will be Christmas Day.

Keyes has said that there are no complaints about "Baby's Cold Outside" but the tone of the 2018 song is different since it was originally written in the 1940s.

"I think it's a special one, because it has always been a song, its review was important and appropriate," said Keyes.

He came out the song after he read about another station that he did.

The Cleveland radio station sings the Christmas song that has recently sung, since it is not appropriate for #MeToo's movement to focus on sexual harassment and sexual assault. Ohio stations also took airwave this week.

Mid-West Family Broadcasting manages and manages dozens of radio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Missouri, including eight in Madison.

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