Wednesday , October 20 2021

Mahershala Ali apologizes after the Green Book & # 39; Character family's condemnation "Hurtful Lies"


Dr. Donald W. Shirley's family member (who represents Mahershala Ali) Green Book) have publicly denounced the fictional narrative of the film, and they responded with Ali. Shirley's nephew, Edwin Shirley III, Shirley's brother Shirley III and Shirley brothers, Maurice Shirley, questioned a conversation in a conversation with Tony "Lip" Vallelonga (Viggo Mortensen) chauffeur. Shadow and Law.

"It was enough attitude," said Edwin, for the first time watching the movie. Also, Dr. Shirley described a reason for excluding her family, "very harmful" and "100 percent wrong."

As a result, Maurice said he was "furious" to represent his brother, and called Green Book "symphony about lies," even though Shirley said he did not know where his brother was.

"At that moment [in 1962, when the events of the film supposedly take place]He had always been in touch with three brothers, "said Maurice." One of the things that Donald later reminded me was that he literally raised me … There was not a month since I did not have a telephone conversation with Donald. "

Maurice also said that the friendship between Shirley and Vallelong was not based on reality. When asked when they were closed, Maurice and his wife Patricia said "No matter what," saying that it was "the employer-employee relationship". Edwin said that Dr. Shirley never mentioned Tony as "friend," and stated that real-life association was "a kind of relationship" [Dr. Shirley] He never worked with people. "

Maurice also said that his brother's temple would discard such a relationship.

"Did you ask me about your relationship with Tony?" Said Maurice. "What is consistent with his chauffeurs throughout the season? Tony did not open the door, he did not take any bags, he would take it [chauffeur’s] When Donald was away from the car, and several times Donald would come across the cap and face him. When you hear about Tony being with him for 18 months, I assure you, it's not a scrimmer, it was 18 months with my brother. I met my brother's temple and had experience of any other chauffeur, mostly from Milwaukee, where the city's league lasted for at least two months. "

Shirley's family said Donald never wanted a movie about his life, and Nick Vallelonga (the son of Tony and the movie secretary) approached cinema about 30 years ago.

"I remember very clearly after 30 years, my uncle Nick Vallelonga, Tony Vallelonga's son, approached a movie about his life and told Uncle Donald," Edwin said. . "

Edwin and Mauricio stated that Ali had been deeply apprised after studying their complaints.

"I received a call from Mahershala Ali, a phone call that was very much and very respectful, personally with him," Edwin said. "He and my uncle Maurice called me, and without a reflection, he asked for forgiveness."

According to Edwin, Ali said: "If you have offended you, I feel so very sorry. I just did not do it with the material. I did not know that it was not nearest relatives. I consulted Love with the other person."

It will be interesting to see the cause of controversy Green Books Oscar expected forward.

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