Sunday , May 16 2021

Mail robbers designed for Burnaby apartment buildings

BURNABY (1130 NEWS) – Burnaby RCMP seeks to "build thieves" in building buildings to steal at night.

Five people have said that in recent weeks they can have multi-building mail stealing plans. It is clear if they work together.

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Cpl. Daniela Panesar has in some cases received messages sent to 100 boxes and washed in just a few minutes using tools such as opening windows.

"They are getting, or those that cover the doors, or perhaps those who follow the residents, who are trying to make these robberies and are leaving people," he says.

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Police warn that robbers are not looking for cash, credit cards, and other values. The invoices may include personal and confidential information that may appear. Crimes can receive this information and share it with the information on social media profiles to commit potential crimes, such as theft and fraud.

"We have seen a case that a suspect has asked for credit cards and has returned home and is being checked, waiting for the credit card to arrive," Panesar says.

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The police are supposedly released by the robbers to take care of the images, so they know that they know each other.

"This is a great cost for the people, but you are the only one that has not stolen your robbery, but it goes later," he says. "Perhaps you will be a victim of identity theft, and even more fraudulent financial consequences."

They provide you with some tips to prevent theft from occurring, such as sending emails, strangers opening the door and suspicious activity when they are taken to the police.

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