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Man accused of Tess Richey's death in court

The accused of dying a young woman missing in Toronto's gay town last year appeared in court on Monday.

Kalen Schlatter, at the age of 22, Tess Richey died in November 2017.

Schlatter, wearing a white suit with white t-shirt, did not show emotion on Monday morning.

After a short break, a court trial was established until January 17.

Richey was reported to the age of 22 at the church and on the streets of Wellesley after a night at a friend.

When his mother traveled to North Bay, North Bay, looking for his daughter, he found the body of Richey four days later on an outside staircase. His field was discovered only after he was last seen by Richey.

The police say Richey died of "compression of the neck".

Kalen Schlatter charges the first murder of Tess Richey's death. (Facebook)

Schlatter was initially a second-on-duty postman who died in February, but in March, when the rebellion of the first rebellion was over, the police found a new evidence.

Schlatter asked for permission in August.

According to the police, Richey and Schlatter did not know each other before nightfall. Richey met Schlatter on the street, and his friend left a bar.

The examiners also show video surveillance by Schlatter and Richey, who found him from his mother.

The police criticized Richey after the disappearance.

In June, the two officers acted incorrectly in the Police Service Law, in the same case.

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