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B.C. At least 175,000 dollars have been paid by the government, many of the prisoners were raped, the "fear" of the Oakallako prisoner, four decades before.

The victim, known at the beginning B.E.S in court documents, was just a teenager who had to visit Burnaby at the end of the 70s. Turn the probation of his term into a fracture and enter – a sort of punishment in the form of "correct fear", the judge told his parents.

Immediately happened B.C. The Supreme Court this year.

Now 54, B.E.S. When a jailed prisoner "caught" him at Oakall, he took him to a room he waited for by a prisoner. The men tried to make oral sex, and then they were raped in court, according to courts

The door said he was walking on the door, while he laughed while he was sexually assaulted. When it was finished, B.E.S. He said that he was throwing his guard against the wall, and he said: "this happens to small fictions."

As soon as they were destroyed, Oakalla Prison looked at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby. (B.C. Ministry of Justice)

On a Tuesday trial judge, Justice Jennifer Duncan found B.E.S. In fact, several members of the opposition had sexual assault through acts of an unknown official directorate.

"The official province is responsible for the actions of the unknown," wrote Duncanek B.E.S. The cost of $ 150,000 damage and $ 25,000 in future support, as well as its legal costs.

"The sexual assault of B.E.S. was a single event, but it was brutal, and admits that its daily activity continues to affect adulthood," said the judge.

Since this award has been growing for weeks, serious and special damages will be determined in another court.

Was the guard important?

The judge dismissed the argument of B.E.S., the guardian was in charge of Roderick David MacDougall, who was condemned by multiple sexual assault against the prisoner who was former prisoner. Over the years, dozens of civilian clothes were taken to MacDougall for excessive imprisonment.

B.E.S. He filed his case, appointing MacDougall as he was responsible for what happened to him.

But his attorney's evidence showed that MacDougall was considered innocent because he was not a serious offender who was responsible for Oakol.

"It's evident that B.E.S. saw Mr. MacDougall aware that he was aware of an adviser. B.E.S. sincerely agreed that" he took "Mr. MacDougall was responsible for escort based on the consultant's data," wrote Duncan.

The victim had «happy childhood» before the attack

B.E.S. He grew up in Coquitlam and had a "normal and happy" childhood before years of prison, according to court.

He started his life on a regular basis when he began at Grade 8 and made new friends. At the age of 13 or 14, some friends and friends drove home. Television was stolen and they drank orange juice in the fridge.

There was no success. The police arrived almost immediately, and arrested all the children and angry parents. B.E.S. He was hanging with those friends.

His parents agreed to an Oakall tour as part of the break-up sentence.

Oakall closed doors in 1991 to focus on housing development. (B.C. Ministry of Justice)

The court heard between the years 1978 and 1981, the Oakall youth program was not structured, and the visit was made between the child and the children, depending on the guardian's supervision incidents. Teens were locked in dark insulating cells, imprisoned in prison and undergone verbal abuse.

"The main features of a prior education program are shocking in the current context, where there is a greater awareness, in general, of sexual assault and especially of children, which is a social problem that is more insidious," says Duncan.

Permanent psychological damage

In the case of B.E.S., a woman jail officer took him out of the house and sent him to prison, where he took him to an unknown guard.

He took him home again after assault, knowing he did not know what happened. B.E.S. he says nothing about the attack.

Attacks left bleeding and pain at least one week. He did not know about what happened to his parents or his relatives, and they tightened all personal relationships, according to the decision.

Since the attack on decades, B.E.S. Post-traumatic stress disorder, personal disorders, major depression, anxiety, suicidal thinking and cocaine.

Oakalla Prison closed doors in 1991 and focused on housing development.

Where did you get help?

Rapid Crisis Center 24-hour crisis online: 604-255-6344 or free 1-877-392-7583

Assistance for Assisted Women: 604-687-1867

VictimLink B.C.: 1-800-563-0808

Children Support Phone: 1-800-668-6868; Live Chat Tips at

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