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Man threatens to shoot people in Manitoba highway, attacked half

A man threatening threat to shoot people on the Manpub road arrested at the Grand Rapids in Man, on Saturday.

The police were usually called at the age of 9 at the Highway 6, which is 70 kilometers north of Grand Rapids.

A semi-truck truck driver hit the man and stopped, Cpl. Julie Courchaine said.

Men would not abandon the road and start rhythmically, half and "sell huge things," said Courchain.

"This man has risen [the] The truck was dug [the] window, bending the head. "

The car was threatened and the truck was damaged, Courchain said.

"This truck driver actually called on other trucks around him to report the situation and come up with all sorts of cars and help him," he said.

The witnesses said they had not seen a gun at the police, but the man was increasingly violent.

Other semi-drivers have blocked the highway until the police arrived.

"Everything was fine, they were left behind in the vehicles, called 911, police were waiting for them," Courchain said.

When the police arrived, the man was relaxed, stirred and refused to obey the command to leave the motorway.

"He talked about shooting people and things like that, and he made his movements, but he never had any weapons."

In the end, a 44-year-old Brandon man was detained without injury.

Meth is found

The police found a vehicle miles north of the highway, when the man arrested them, to flee to the forestry vehicle.

A woman left the route from the forest. He sought police and found methamphetamine. At 42, Brandon was also arrested.

Officers have also found a knife and some illegal pills within the vehicle.

The police said the couple traveled together.

"We believe we had an impact. We know methane and other illegal drugs," said Courchain.

"It's a terrifying situation, it can be very volatile, it's something I think it's scary and scary."

The man made several crimes including weapons and drug charges. There are charges against women, RCMP said.

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