Wednesday , October 20 2021

Manitoba's "White" hockey teams competed without the United Nations


Representatives of Indian team huntsmen in Manitoba argue that lawyers "unite groups" all argue and a new Junior B contest was set up which excludes First Nations.

All the teams were part of Keystone Junior Hockey League until May, leaving five teams to create the Capital Region League.

"Get rid of the white team quietly leaving behind the first Nation teams," said lawyer Jamie Kagan on Wednesday.

They were reported by the First Nations Groups, and the Hockey Manitoba Courts would have to play KJHL players as soon as possible in the new league and pay $ 500. The decision was to protect the KJHL from players, so Kagan spoke about the end of the league.

But that did not happen, until the league started ice on October.

Peguis First Nation, Norwegian House Cree Nation, Opaskway Cree Nation, Fisher River Cree Nation and Cross Lake First Nation presented a October claim against Hockey Manitoba, Manitoba Amateur Hockey Association, League and five teams.

The Kagan judge demands a trial. Hockey responded to Manitoba Kagan's arguments on Wednesday afternoon.

KJHL was a successful league since its founding in 1977, as the team's representatives, as Kagan said.

Peguis Juniors was the last league championship in the last three years and First Nation built millions of millions of dollars to build the team. The Nationals also helped the southern team to win games, Kagan said.

"This was money, we would not be here," he said. "(They) do not want to play the first Nation's team."

The new league action is taking place against the spirit of reconciliation and distributes indigenous and non-indigenous players.

Kagan also dismissed the new league, parents killed 16 people and 13 injured after the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team fell into a Saskatchewan half-truck.

Kagan said Peguis First Nation had several drivers of the league in the region of several hockey teams.

"These babies have begun coaching before puberty, and that's why they love the game," he said.

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