Sunday , May 9 2021

Mannequin delivers into the landfill Delta police fright

Ladder Ladner, B.C. Street patrick with a parade, police pause late afternoon at the end.

"The police are not easily scare us, but imagine that you are patrolling the dark street and your flashlight is amazed," says the Delta Police tweeted a photo.

The image shows some head of mannequin, that is, wearing a little pendant. One, dark hair scraggly, hanging from a lid, next to a metal chain.

The heads of the court were probably "The second one was" Oh, mine, what do I get here? "Said the police spokesman, Cris Leykauf.

The worker quickly investigated and found mannequin heads in the dumpster, he said, even when he filled a garbage bag.

"I think that's saying something like that, is not it?" he asked with a laugh.

Crashed? & # 39;

There are clothes and hairdressing salons around, he said, so the police are not sure where they were.

Leykauf was not sure how the usual officers found out.

"I sent it by email and asked his master:" Did he? What happened? "He did not confess that, so I have no idea," he said.

In January, he was recorded for several hours in southern Edmonton district after seeing that there was a body.

The research questionnaires were answered by the police: "This is not a human body, it is believed to be a mood or a doll."

Leykauf has said that Delta has not seen any murder in the last two years, and manicure heads are all well-rounded throughout the year.

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