Sunday , January 17 2021

Mark Hamillek "Episode IX" has the perfect title title after Fans Demand Reveal

Star Wars fans are waiting for the title to be breathing Episode IXMark Hamille is so funny that's it.

Hamilton recently responded by answering fans Episode IX subtitle It was a mockup logo attached to the tweet, and suggested it would be the full title Star Wars: Thank you, Next.

This is, of course, a reference to Ariana Grande's song, in order to create a Twitter relationship for Hamill over the last few months. And while it's quite safe for Hamilton's trolling, it's a good thing to say, "Thank you, next".

It's not clear Episode IX The subtitle will be announced, it is easy to see why fans are so curious. With the financial success of 2017 Last Jedi, some are looking for the next film as a way of "directing" Skywalker Saga.

"Right now the shooting mode is more blurred than the last two times," Oscar Isaace, a Poe Dameron franchise, said in a recent interview. "It feels like a feeling and feeling feelings". Oh, we can try things out. The JJ's testament is probably feeling and less pressure. Good movie and a great time. "

"Often, you feel that you need to find a way to live your life, but this time it has been the opposite. There is nothing to touch." Isaac continued. "Fortunately, because I do not have any management, when I produce or distribute it, I do not have to worry about so many expectations of hope, and not all fans have any hope … People have a very strong feeling but they were not organized in such an organized way. People need content, so there's a lot of content. There are five friends with Twitter. Hundreds of it all, then you're in a story. "

Star Wars: IX It's released in theaters in December of 2019.

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