Monday , June 5 2023

Mark Hunt's hard life is infused by Justin Willis


Mark Hunt and Justin Willis face each other face-to-face, and the media have blended between the two sites.

In the future, official UFC Adelaide stock exchanges were made. Like a heavy duet with nose noses, Hunt said something to Willis. Willis replied that before the men were cheerful, he asked the UFC to separate them.

After leaving the stage, something happened that happened to the rear, along with Tyson Pedro and Mauricio "Shogun" Rua with the main event. According to the radio show, Tai Tuivas wrote the title of the writer: "I will duplicate" the reaction of the incident.

Speaking about the radio program on presentation, Willis described Peter as "disrespectful".

"It's no respect," said Pedro. "You know how to pump yourself, but they're like" Shogun. "- It's a legend of" Shogun "and Mark's legend is at the same time. And I do not know if [Willis] It's Australia and there's no outside rule. "

Peter said he did not know what Willis was saying to Hunt, but he does not think that he will find that the United States of America in the United States will find "Super Samoa".

"I think that trying to pump itself more than trying to pump it up, and you do not pump it into a Mark. You can do the worst thing if anything."

Pedro describes the scene backstage.

"I have returned and are trying to stop fighting, but you can not respect our unmanageable horse. We are not fighting outside the Octagon, but we did not go with our horse, and then tell us about our team," said Pedro.

"I'm sure Mark and Tai went there." He added. "Do not go to our team; here we are here and we are Australian, probably not a good idea."

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