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Marley houses Google Assistant Speakers to reduce, reuse and recycle


Marley house, An audio company that recognizes the direct link between Bob Marley and his kin, is about sustainability. CES 2019 launches environmentally friendly products. The company's wireless view continues its competitors, only by reaffirming mobile audio wireless listening transition

Get Together Mini with Google Assistant

Marley house Get up with the Google Assistant smart speaker with a white background.

Marley house The Get Together Mini, with Google Assistant Smart Talker, is capable of playing multiple Google Cast over.

House of Marley is the first intelligent speaker. Like other Connected speakers of the company, it is a fabric made from bamboo, recycled aluminum and organic cotton and hemp. Audiences can provide hand-held commands with Google Assistant integration, which allows Google Cast to play multiple cells as well. Like smartphones in companies like Sonos and Google, Get Together Mini Smart Talker is Wi-Fi enabled. It can also be duplicated as a portable mobile phone to charge your phone.

The Get Together Mini Google Assistant will be available in August, $ 199.99.

Listen to on-the-go

Marley emphasizes the importance of its CES speaker, the company also includes portable wireless headphones and headphones.

Liberate Air real wireless

Marley house Liberate Air in true white wireless headphones when charging on the white background.

Marley house Headphones and charging cases are bamboo, wood fiber, natural fiber and recycled PET.

Liberate Air IPX4 real wireless headsets are made from bamboo, white wood fiber and the same recycled PET. The company means that the headset is true with only one battery with a duration of seven hours. They work through Bluetooth 5.0 and include internal playback controls. There is not yet a word in good quality Bluetooth codec help, however.

Liberate Air will be available in July, $ 149.99.

Exodus and Exodus ANC

Marley Exodus house, ANC headphones, black on white background.

Marley house Each ear of each ear has a dynamic 50 mm in the ears of the memory device.

these wireless headset headphones Share a resemblance host, including 30-hour playback time, 50mm dynamic drivers, and various eco-conscious materials including recycled aluminum and internal FSC Certified wood. Both include memory foam headphones and folding sports designs, a perfect trip.

Marley Exodus is separated by ANC cancel the noise Skills. When canceling noise is activated, listeners can play 24 hours a day. From time to time, the battery life lasts for 40 hours.

Exodus headphones will be available in March $ 199.99, and Exodus ANC will be available in September, $ 249.99.

After all, the decision to debate the loudspeaker is fine. Smart homes are becoming ubiquitous, almost mundane, and Marley House is trying to keep it for some time. It seems its genuine wireless headsets too Sol Republic Amps Air, the extended play time is promising.

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