NASA's InSight Nuclear Shakes Off Marsen
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CAPE CANAVERAL – Mars has a bad habit to live up to the mythological name and life of the Earth for its visitors.

NASA is the latest spacecraft called InSight to learn about landing intentions and the depth of the planet. Up to Earth Wednesday arrives to Mars after a six-month trip.

"We've had eleven success lines now. But you never know what Mars will throw you in," said Rob Grover, a technology engineer, at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Mars landing is always dangerous, so Grover and other experts can have stress in every way.


NASA's InSight Mission, which examines the interior of the Martyr at the Vandenberg Air Force Base at an Atlas V rocket, at 7:05 a.m., Eastern Time on Saturday, May 5th, 2018.
Florida Today

"The landing team's work must be paranoid, what can go wrong and make sure we do everything we can to safely do things," he said.

The number goes back. Only about 40% of Mars missions were named Roman goddesses during the war.

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"It's really hard to go to Mars, really hard," the top NASA science top official mission, Thomas Zurbuch, told reporters earlier this week. "Humanity, explorers around the world, we're about 50 percent or less."

The United States is the only one in the Martian surface to function properly in the spacecraft. InSight NASA's ninth attempt is to install Mars's spacecraft; the effort has failed.

SLC-3 mobile tower tower The United Launch Alliance of the Atlas-V rocket (NASA InSight spacecraft), on Friday, May 4, 2018, was found at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. (Photo: NASA / Bill Ingalls)

Finally, after six years of NASA's Curiosity rover, more than 12 kilometers in its odometer (20 kilometers). Older and smaller space agency, Opportunity, was about to run until June, when the global stormy winds off. Flight controllers do not expect the hope to revive.

Almost 60 years of humanity, the story of Marsi, avoids the prediction of the red planet in order to take photographs without stopping, as well as placing space ships in the orbit of the planet's red, and the great difficulty of throwing it at the earth.

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Mariner 4 of NASA made a successful first round of the red planet in 1965 and sent 21 pictures.

Mariner 9 made an orbit around Mars and returned more than 7,000 photographs.

NASA's Vikings 1 and 2 did not place spacecraft in orbit around Marsen in 1976, but on the surface. Bikini twins were the first earthquakes on Earth's planet.

The 1990s were not like NASA. If the twisted metric conversion meter was twisted out, Mars Observer recounted it in 1993. Another orbit of the United States was lost later, as well as to the ground and two auxiliary columns.


NASA's Mars InSight mission to find out how scientists and scientists how Mars and other planets have created.
Florida Today

Despite many decades, Russia, especially Marsen, had a bad luck.

The Soviet Union first became a Mars flyby in 1960. The spacecraft never reached the Earth's orbit. Aircraft flaws and plane crashes later on, the Soviets achieved a couple of nuclear kernels in the orbit of Mars in 1971 and obtained real data. But the friend was a rural bust.

Thus, Soviets / Russians went to China during the final 2011 attempt. Mars's mission was to capture a spacecraft from Moon Phobos to capture and return samples and enter the second spacecraft into Mars's orbit. He did not even make it into the Earth's orbit.

Europe has also been a snake in Marsen, like Japan.

While the European Space Agency is launching satellites, both landing attempts have disappeared. Two years ago, the earthquake caught its surface so quickly, it dug a crater. The only Japanese mother of Mars, started in 1998, did not enter the orbit.

India, on the other hand, has launched a Mars satellite for four years, the first and only red planet.

NASA's InSight has a strong presence in Europe. Germany launched a mechanical ore of 16 meters (5 meters) and underground heat, and France controlled the earthquake signal.

On the surface, Marriage is Margin's only act. Currently in orbit: 2001 Odyssey United States, Europa Mars Express (2003), Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (2006), U.S. Maven (2014), India Mangalyaan Orbiter (2014) and Europa Trace Gas Orbiter (2016).

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