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Mars New Home, a great Sandbox & # 39;


InSight safely on Mars's surface, mission
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in Pasadena, California, is busy
Learn more about the spacecraft landing space. They met InSight
He passed the 26th, in the ordinary lava on the side of the spacecraft
Elysium Planitia. Now they have determined that the vehicle sits somewhat
(About 4 degrees) in a dusty layer and a well-known crater of impact
as "empty" InSight is designed to operate on an area
Up to 15 degrees.

"The science team landed on a sandy ground
The surface with few rocks, because we chose the landing area, so we could not be happier. "
said the InSight project manager, Tom Hoffman, JPL. "There is no ground
pads or tracks in Marsen, so that a large area is mainly descending
Sandboxes without large rocks should facilitate any deployment tool
It starts burrowing to give the great mole a great place. "

Rockiness and slope gradient landing
It is also important to determine the security and InSight's success
landing mission On rocks and slopes it can cause InSight's location capability
Its heat flow probe is known as "mole" or HP3
and an ultra-seismic seismometer, called SEIS, on the surface of Mars.

Sloping slope downhill
Incorrect guidance may also be dangerous for the proper ability of the spacecraft
The output of two solar arrays, up to a large rock next to the ground
InSight has been able to open one of these arrays. In fact,
Soon after the two sections are completely dissolved.

InSight Science Team
Evaluate photos made to land-grabbing
It shows only the area surrounding the territory
some rocks High resolution images begin over the next few years
During the day, InSight releases the plastic powder coating that kept the optics
Secure the two cameras of the spacecraft during the landing.

"We look forward to high definition
images to confirm this preliminary assessment, "said JPL Bruce
Banerdt, InSight's main researcher. "With a few images
Those that cover the powders of resolution – are accurate, both in pairs
The deployment of tools and our infrastructures for the flow of heat flows
experiment "

Martian surface sites have been carefully selected among the two major
The instrument starts and starts the mechanical startup test
They will put on their arm. At the top of the image, it appears at the end of the grapple
slightly changing his arm, as expected, unlatched afterwards.

When arriving to the ground it must also be indicated during the first day
Mars generates more electrical energy than the solar energy InSight
Before any front of the Martian car.

Excellent is our first "off-world record" get on our first day very on Mars, "
said Hoffman. "But it's better than achieving more electricity
It is only the task we have set before us to carry out our future
engineering tasks We produced 4,000 watts per hour during the 1st
Nowadays juice is more than enough to carry out these tasks and move on
With our science mission. "

At Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, May 5th, it will be InSight
To start Martian Year, plus 40 Martian days, or sols – the
Almost equivalent to two Earths. InSight will examine in-depth deep
Mars and all rocky surfaces, inside the Earth, learn all the celestial bodies
and the Moon was formed.

Managing InSight at NASA's Mission in Science Mission. InSight is part of
The NASA Discovery Program is managed by Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, Alabama.

Number of European partners, including the French National National Center
Spatial (CNES) and German Aerospace Centers (DLR)
InSight Mission. CNES, and the Paris Institute of Physical Globe (IPGP)
SIX instrument, Max's important contributions
Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS) in Germany, Switzerland
Institute of Technology (ETH) in Switzerland, Imperial College and Oxford
University in the UK and JPL DLR was supplied to HP3
tool, the significant contribution of Space Research Center (CBK).
Polish Polish Academy of Sciences and Astronomy. Central Spanish
Astrobiology (CAB) supplied the wind sensors.

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