Monday , May 29 2023

Massey Tunnel does not replace the 10-lane bridge, suggests reports


B.C. The NDP has taken a 10-meter bridge over the table, as a replacement for the Massey tunnel, one of the largest traffic thunderstorms in the province.

B.C. The transport minister Claire Trevena met earlier this month with Malcolm Brodie Richmond and the city's staff to discuss the future of the tunnel that connects the Delta and Richmond communities.

A recent report from the City Hall suggests that the province does not intend to build a new ten intersection.

"The minister advised that there were no 10-line bridge to improve future crossings," the report said.

"The Ministry acknowledges that the scale of this project can have a significant impact on the host communities, particularly Richmond."

B.C. Liberal began a $ 3.5 million dollar last year.

When the NDP came to power, the project was paused and Stan Cowdell engineer recruited new opportunities for upgrading or replacing the tunnel.

At that time, the 10-track bridge was still considered.

Still waiting

Cowdell completed his studies several months ago, but has not yet done so.

"The Minister received a report in June, and is reviewing the options for the next steps," said the Ministry of Transport in an e-mail statement.

"Minister Trevena is discussing his findings with the Metro Mayor, before reviewing the independence – and the next steps of the government – before the end of the year at the public."

Delta South MLA Ian Paton – A long commitment to the 10-lane bridge – says a traveler's solution tired of waiting.

"Studies show that instead of ten eight-lane bridges, I can not live without doubt," he said.

"Let's get ahead and let's do something."

Brodie, the mayor of Richmond, prefers the tunnel's twinning to improve traffic flow.

"Our complaint has always been that the 10-lane bridge was so massive and the implications of all kinds of excesses were very negative," he said.

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