Monday , October 18 2021

Massey Tunnel replacement options have been released on Monday


The detailed report on the future of the George Massey tunnel and the possible future replacement of the tunnel will be released on Monday morning.

Last year, it decided to suspend a project of at least $ 5 million from $ 10 million, the BC NDP's government of the Westmar Advisors, led by Stan Cowdell, to review the new bridge planned by the previous government.

At that time, the main construction contractors were allocated just a few weeks, and about $ 100 million in planning, procurement and pre-erected work. Construction originally started at the beginning of 2018 at the end of 2023.

The provincial government received a technical report from the authors in June.

To the portal of the George Massey tunnel. (BC government)

Today, we do not know which direction the government of the province will take, if any. However, in the elections of the 2017 provinces, the BC NDP indicated the ambivalence of the CB Liberal mega project, and wanted to override the BC Green. BC Liberal maintains support for the bridge.

But the report's report and the disclosure of the report to the public may be delayed for a period of six months, which may lead to the discovery of the replacement of the existing tunnel instead of the existing tunnel.

According to Delako City Council, the RFP process in the province's province attracted $ 2.6 million for large-scale bridging contracts – a $ 900 million lower than the initial budget of the Ministry of Transport.

The town of Delta has been compared to Richmond's city over the past few years; The former wants a new high-capacity bridge, the latter wants a tunnel that uses a tunnel.

Made up of 80,000 vehicles a day, one of the oldest tunnels in 1959 and four channels is one of the fastest underground pressure stations in Metro Vancouver.

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