Saturday , January 29 2022

Mastercard downloads the logo, the bank's news and the main stories


NEW YORK – Apple's apple or Nike swoosh, MasterCard has transformed into a wordless logo.

On Monday, January 7th, the global credit card company announced that the word "Mastercard" is under its logo – as in the last 50 years – leaving red and yellow in two crossed circles, leaving it in the middle of orange.

The media report said that the movement is increasingly digitizing payments, when the word "card" may be "obsolete". While changing the landscape, MasterCard wants to see it as a financial technology company only for a credit card. When the logo change was announced, MasterCard called it "digital payment company".

"While consumer and commercial landscape continues to evolve, the Mastercard symbols mean better than the single word and MasterCard simplifies flexible workflows in the digital landscape" Mastercard tweeted.

But there was hardly any tweet coming out, some on the internet began to imitate the movement, who said on the net "Now Venn is just a simple diagram," as another one looks like "It looks like".

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